Top 4 Professional Massagers in 2018 (the few that doesn’t suck)

BEWARE: Many professional massagers actually suck…

… because they are just cheap mass-produced massagers with only weak vibration and won’t really be effective.

But there are a few that are quite good. Whether you’re a sports therapist on the go or a massage therapist in a private practice, I’ve listed my top picks here.

The Best Professional Massagers

TheraGun G2PRO

Top Ratedbest professional massager TheraGun G2PRO

The TheraGun is the best option for anyone considering a real professional massager that works wonders and goes deep into the muscle tissue. The product itself comes in a Pro package with 4 attachments for different use. One large ball, one smaller ball, and one cone-shaped. These can be used on big and small muscles, or if you would like to really pinpoint and go deep. The way to use this is to move it close to your skin, and let it hammer down into your muscles while you move it across the area with a movement speed of roughly 0.5 to 1 inch every second.

Overall a great product for any physical therapist, massage therapist, athlete or anyone who works with professional physical fitness. It is lightweight, comes with 2 batteries, 3 attachments, and a 12V charger. It gives a very powerful and intense massage that you will feel the effectiveness of right away. It will definitely help to heal your muscles, relieved stiffness and pain, and may prevent injuries … Read Full Review →
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Thumper Maxi Pro

Also GreatThumper Maxi Pro

If you are a therapist in need of a time-efficient, robust and potent tool, you should consider the Thumper Maxi Pro. This is a tough percussive device that can cover large muscle areas with several spheres at once and do a full-body massage in 5 to 8 minutes. The speed can be adjusted from 1080 RPM to 2100 RPM. There is no need to press down as the thing itself weighs 7 pounds. It has two handles to make it easy to use and adjust quickly while going over a patient’s body. It is designed to minimize feedback to the therapist’s hands, and roughly 95% of the energy created by the massager is directed into the patient’s muscles. It can be used continuously throughout the day without draining the therapist’s spirit and leaving them fatigued.

This is an excellent massager for a certain professional therapist-to-patient type of setting. It is not as versatile as the TheraGun but it can also work on more muscles at the same time, like the ones around the spine, the buttocks and down the spine … Read Full Review →
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MedMassager MMB04B

Also GreatMedMassager MMB04B

Another great option for a therapist to massage patients or for partners to use on each other. You can also use it on yourself, but if that is mainly the way you intend to use it, we would recommend something else. However, for professionals, this is a powerful beast of a machine. The variable speed control allows you to adjust it from 400 RPM all the way up to 4000 RPM. The best way to use it for a patient to lay flat on a massage bench while the therapist is standing and holding it steadily with both hands while massaging the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet.

The MMB04B is CSA certified, FDA approved and certified for therapeutic use. It is ergonomically designed and has a soft leather-like pad to provide a smooth and gentle point of contact with the patient’s skin. This device is not battery-powered but comes with a standard power cord that works with normal 110V AC that you find in any wall outlet in the USA. Feels soothing for sore muscles, alleviates joint pain and swelling and stimulates blood circulation … Read Full Review →
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Maxi Rub

Budget PickMaxi Rub

The Maxi Rub is a well-valued massager for professional use and usually listed in a lower price range than the alternatives above. As a cheaper alternative, you still get a durable machine that is effective and has adjustable speed and intensity and is easy to use. However, it should be expected that it has fewer features and functions than the higher-end options. With two speed settings at 2800 RPM and 3500 RPM, it can still get the massage job done. It is powered by 120V AC through a simple 10 feet power cord that you plug into an outlet. The technology is basic but reliable. It has no built-in battery which makes it fairly lightweight at only 6 pounds. Included with the machine comes a Maxi Rub Fleece Cover that can be fitted over the pad to provide a soft and comfortable surface as the point of contact with the patient’s skin. The cover is removable and can be machine washed to get rid of any remains from lotions or oils. A 1-year warranty is included … Read Full Review →
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