HoMedics PA5H Percussion Massager with Heat – Review

HoMedics PA5H




Intensity & Effect







  • Percussion action
  • 4 massage attachments
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Heat
  • Variable speed control


  • Not as powerful as alternatives
  • Stiff cord

HoMedics PA5H Percussion Massager with Heat - ReviewLook:

Sore and stiff muscles can be very annoying if left untreated and they’ll stop you from performing any task with a concentration…

… Using heat therapy for muscle relief has been practiced for ages, and people used to go to different massage parlors and spas to get relaxed and relieve the brutal pain from their body.

But now there’s a better solution:

Now you can easily get the benefit of massaging and relaxing from the comfort of your home with your own handheld massager…

… Whether you’re looking to relax or loosen your muscles in your neck, shoulders, back, calves, or hamstrings, a massager will let you reach all body parts quickly.

You want to look for a very easy-to-use massager that allows you to target different areas of your body, such as the Homedics PA5H.

This HoMedics PA5H Percussion Massager review will inform you about this interesting device in more details.



This HoMedics massager has an intelligent design that allows you to use the massager easily. It has a compact and lightweight design in white color and features an ergonomic grip to control the massager. The grip is also comfortable as it is made up of foam. It is very comfortable to use as it has a handheld design so that you can target different parts of the body. The extra-long power cord enables you to move the massager quickly.

Variable intensity control

You can adjust the intensity level according to your comfort. The massager has a variable 2-speed control that enables you to relax at a low-intensity level and enjoy the invigorating massage at a high-intensity level.

Four custom attachments

You can change the massage heads if you want softer or firmer massage. The massager includes four options to choose from, which are soft, medium, firm, or heated operations. These attachments are interchangeable.

Percussion massage

The invigorating percussion action helps relax the aching muscles and stimulates the blood flow in the body. This action provides soothing heat and penetrates deeply into various parts of the body that are aching.


  • It uses percussion action to penetrate deep into the muscles and soothe them
  • It has four custom massage attachments
  • It has variable speed control
  • It features a comfortable and ergonomic grip
  • It allows you to target different parts of the body easily
  • The heat option is quite useful
  • It has a sturdy design


  • It is not powerful enough
  • The cord is a bit stiff
  • Self-massaging can be a little tricky at times

Homedics PA5h Conclusion

This handheld HoMedics PA5H Percussion Massager is very easy to use and offers deep and invigorating percussion action to relieve the muscles.

It has an intelligent design that allows you to target various parts of the body and thus, its use is not limited to just neck, shoulders, or back. Additionally it is very lightweight and has an ergonomic grip design.

If you feel tired or lethargic to self-massage, you can ask the help of any family member and get the pleasure of being massaged at a parlor. This massager delivers heat and percussion action that penetrates deep into the body to reduce stress and pain.

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