Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat Review

Brookstone 839379




Intensity & Effect







  • 3 Massaging Styles
  • Heating
  • Effective
  • Portable
  • Silent


  • Rolling function may cause discomfort and aching

Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat ReviewI think you can agree:

… There’s no better feeling than relaxing after coming back home, tired from having walked for ages… And moving around a lot causes us to experience severe pain in our feet after a long day.

We have a number of options to relieve the pain, and many people have different ways of relaxing and relieving muscle pain. We could apply a balm, but the one that is most soothing for our body is getting ourselves a massage, especially our feet… In order to do that we can go to a spa and get a massage…

… or we could pick the most affordable and convenient method, which is to buy ourselves a foot massager.

When it comes to high-quality massagers, the Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat is definitely one to consider if you are thinking about getting one for yourself. In this review, we’ll let you have a sneak peek into this neat device, and we’ll list the redeeming features of this foot massager.

An introduction video:


This foot massager comes with three different types of foot massaging styles and you can alter the strength of the massage between high and low and soft and firm. Not just that, but you can also select the heat function to further soothe your feet.

Customers have reported this foot massager to be very effective in alleviating their muscular pain and most of them have claimed that they use it on a daily basis.

In addition to that, this foot massager does not produce a lot of noise. Although it may not be entirely silent, it is not unbearably loud either.


The massager is not without a few shortcomings. As we have already mentioned, there are a number of modes that can be changed as per the user’s preference. Amongst these are the rolling modes and squeezing modes.

People who used the rolling mode fairly often reported feeling pain in their feet which is a cause for concern. However, this is not the foot massager’s fault per se.

Anyone who is buying the foot massager should know that it should be used in moderation. If you use it too often, you will eventually start feeling pain instead of relief.

Features & Specifications:

  • Dimensions – 13 inches x 17 inches x 9 inches
  • Maximum foot size for men is 12.5 and for women is 14
  • Option to select heat massage
  • Massage intensity modes: High and low
  • Removable and washable inside cover
  • Operation modes: Pulse, Soothe and Energize

Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager – Verdict

Basically, it is evident that this foot massager is one of the best on the market and one of the highest rated in its category on our website.

If your feet constantly ache and require some relief, or if you experience foot pain often, going to the spa for massages might turn out to be an inexpensive venture.

Therefore, you should consider a reasonably priced and easy-to-use solutions like the Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager.

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