Can You Get a Back or Foot Massage When Pregnant?

back and foot massage when pregnantI think you’ll agree:

Life is such a beautiful concept.

We start from nothing and grow into a fully-fledged human. If this isn’t a miracle, then we are not sure what is.

Ask any pregnant lady, and they will tell you how it is impossible to explain the euphoria and fluttery emotion they feel as they feel a close and unbreakable bond with their unborn child.

You fall in love with your baby without even seeing it. The concept, even with its absurdness, is something every expecting mother goes through.


… Amidst the radiant skin, unexplainable emotions, and ludicrous cravings, pregnancy also causes body aches and back pain.

Massage is considered to be an option via which an expectant mother can relieve such pain. There are many types of massages, such as Indian head massage, hot stone, shoulder massage, head massage, or even those given by massagers such as massage chairs, pads, pillow and handheld devices.

But some wonder if massages are safe during pregnancy.

Foot Massage – A Wrong Decision?

It is true that your foot has specific acupressure points which are linked to your reproductive system and which make your uterus contract, thereby inducing labor.

However, a general massage rarely produces this effect.


It is because acupressure points are not easy to locate and the fact that such points need bilateral stimulation means that the chances of you or a masseuse accidentally triggering them is minimal.

Therefore, a general foot massage does not harm you or your unborn child. It may, in fact, benefit you in the sense that it curtails the development of body ache and allows you to relax.

But can’t emphasize this enough:

We strongly advise you to go to a well-trained professional for such massages to be on the safe side and to enhance the benefits of a given massage.
Is it safe for pregnant women?

Back Massages – Are They Safe?

Back massages during pregnancy can allow you to alleviate anxiety and pain and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. And it is important only to see a professional who is certified in prenatal massage techniques because only a trained professional will be aware of the do’s and don’ts of massaging a pregnant woman.

Since the first trimester is known to be the trickiest, it is advised that you don’t indulge in massages during the time. This period is not only uncomfortable, but it also marks the time when the baby is being formed and is vulnerable to external threats.

Make sure you avoid deep tissue massages and, instead, focus on Swedish techniques. The former may lead to blood pressure changes which are not good for the health of your baby.

So… are foot and back massages safe when pregnant?

The answer to this is that they are but only if you seek such services from trained and certified professionals. They know what the trigger points are and how to avoid them. You and your baby will be safe in their hands.

Bottom line?

If you feel your body ache, can’t sleep at night or feel the anxiety engulfing you, getting a massage may not be a bad decision. It will help you for the better.