Top 4 Best Massage Chairs of 2018

This is a guide to finding the best massage chairs that are on the market in 2018. The ones we list here are the ones we most recommend from those we have reviewed. The ratings given are based on our own reviews of the products.

You can read a more extensive review of each product by clicking the hyperlinked title of each product where you can read more about each product’s features, quality, and effect.

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Top 4 Best Massage Chairs

  1. Luraco iRobotics 7
  2. Schultz ZycroPulse Massage Lounge Chair
  3. Human Touch Novo
  4. Ultimate L Massage Chair

Luraco iRobotics 7

Top Ratedbest massage chair luraco irobotics 7 i7

This is the only chair that has received a full score of 10/10 in ratings. It is no wonder that it has won several awards such as “Best of CES 2017 Award” in the category of Health & Fitness. This high-quality recliner is made in the U.S.A. Being developed and constructed in America is something that is quite rare among massage chairs these days. Luraco also provides excellent customer service support that is based in the U.S.A. It has some of the most advanced features of any massage chair that we have seen and gives a super effective full body massage.

The best massage chair: Scientifically proven health benefits

The iRobotics 7 is the only chair listed here that has been studied by a university and proven to provide health benefits. The research study found that users’ average stress levels were reduced from 4.3 to 2.4 (on a scale of 0-10). Users also felt stress-related pain decreasing from 2.1 to 1.1. Users’ average blood pressure decreased from 114/76 to 110/73, and their average heart rate decreased from 76 to 70 … Read Full Review →
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Schultz ZycraPulse Massage Lounge Chair

Premium Luxuryschultz zycrapulse massage lounge chair

The first impression you get when you look at the ZycraPulse chair from Schultz is that it is definitely designed for people who want a premium luxury design. It has programs for upper body, lower body, full body, loosen muscle and deep tissue. It performs these programs with variations and combinations of flapping, kneading, knocking, shiatsu and heat therapy. Other features include foot rollers, zero gravity recline, memory settings, and much more. All settings can easily be adjusted from the easy-to-use remote controller.

It has all the features and latest technology that you would expect in a top-of-the-line full body massage recliner. If it is not on sale, it is usually available for almost twice the price of the alternative high-quality massage chairs on the market. But what differentiates Schultz ZycraPulse from most of the alternatives is the Premium Luxury design and feel to it. If you want everything and are willing to pay extra for the most luxurious premium chair with a nice lounge design that looks great in any room of your home, then this is the chair for you … Read Full Review →
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Human Touch Novo

Also Greathuman touch novo

It has been endorsed by the WFC (World Federation of Chiropractic) and it has a design that is quite unique. With over 30 different programs to choose from and an almost unlimited number of adjustments possible, you will get a custom fit massage from the Novo like almost no other chair. It comes with all the advanced features like body stretching, lumbar heat therapy, Zero Gravity massage, built-in Bluetooth speakers, acupressure, and more. And all the different functions can be adjusted by the remote control: the intensity, the width, the speed, the area of focus, the kneading speed, the user height, the speed of the underfoot rollers, the stretch direction and the duration of the massage.

The quality of the chair is excellent. It has a strong and sturdy frame and the upholstery is made out of a leather-like SoftHyde material that is resistant to stains, very comfortable and looks great. The integration of the upholstery with the frame and base of the chair is so sleek and stylish and it will look great in any home. The Human Touch Novo is for people who want a high-quality massage chair with a unique design and several options when it comes to colors … Read Full Review →
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Ultimate L Massage Chair

Best Valueultimate l massage chair

This phenomenal chair can definitely compete with many of the higher-end chairs on the market. Once you look at it you can tell that it has been designed from scratch with an idea to offer great value for the price while not sacrificing on quality or features. This sturdy and high-quality chair has an L-Track system at its core with a track length of 50.4 inches which is quite impressive. That provides great reach, coverage, and effect. Perhaps the best massage chair in terms of value for your money.

A few neat things to notice about this chair is that it has a space-saving feature so you can place it only 4 inches in front of the wall behind it and it will be able to fully recline. The massage sessions are up to 1 hour long which is something almost no other chair can do. It has built-in speakers and a music player with a headphone connector and also supports Bluetooth for wireless streaming. There are 64 airbags, 5 automatic and 5 manual massage programs, automatic 3D body scanner, Zero Gravity, remote controller and a lot more. It is one of the safest chairs on the market as it transforms the dangerous 110-Volt current from your wall socket into a lower 24-Volt current. Not only safer but also more energy efficient. The steel frame is solid and sturdy and the leather-imitating upholstery is strong and practical … Read Full Review →
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Other Massage Chairs Worth Considering

There are so many good chairs on the market, and the above are the top 4 that we have reviewed on this website. However, there are also a few others in the same league in terms of quality and effectiveness that we feel we should mention them as well. Having a few more worth considering may be beneficial to someone who is considering a high-quality recliner but would like to see a broader range of potential chairs to see what appeals to them. So here are 3 chairs that are worth considering.

Ogawa Smart 3D

Ogawa Smart 3DDefinitely worth considering for those who are looking for a chair that has a bunch of neat features, those who enjoy high-quality products, and those who want an effective and versatile massager. It also comes with a Samsung HD tablet which can be used to control the settings as well as an entertainment device while you’re relaxing and taking care of your sore muscles. With 17 different massage techniques and a 3D body scan function, you will get a customized massage experience that is unique to your body type. It does not have that unique premium luxury style that some of the other massagers listed and looks more like an ordinary recliner, but it can definitely be compared in terms of features, quality, intensity, and effectiveness … Read Full Review →
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Ogawa Active SuperTrac

Ogawa Active SuperTracIf you’re not specifically looking for the best massage chairs, but just looking just like a high-end leather recliner, the Ogawa Active has most of the same features and functionalities as other high-end massage recliners, but it is not in the highest price range. With the SuperTrac technology, you can choose the different UNIQ programs that cover your upper back all the way down to your glutes. There are programs such as Gentle, Vigorous, Relax, Stretching, Therapy, Full Air, as well as UNIQ 1, UNIQ 2 and UNIQ Back. These are all performed with a combination of the 6 different massage techniques like clapping, tapping, rolling, kneading, Swedish and shiatsu. All in all, a great valued chair in high quality, quite versatile, has a wide range of features and great intensity and effect. It also comes in 4 different colors … Read Full Review →
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