Relaxonchair MK-IV Massage Chair – FULL Review

Relaxonchair MK-IV




Intensity & Effect







  • Good value
  • Many massage techniques
  • Versatile in settings and controls
  • Ergonomic and space saving design
  • Lightweight compared to some alternatives


  • Less sturdy than some alternatives

Relaxonchair MK-IV Massage ChairThe Relaxonchair MK-IV is a massage chair that has shiatsu, zero gravity, heating, and air massage features.

The first impressions are that the ergonomic design of the chair looks like an attempt to emulate a first-class airplane seat. It comes in two colors: brown and dark chocolate. The lower part of the chair is black, and the upper part that is covered in synthetic leather is either brown or dark chocolate, depending on which one you choose.

Its seat is mounted on a base that has a built-in space saving slide that allows it to move the seat forward when reclining. With this space-saving design, it only needs 3 inches of space behind it to fully recline.

Zero Gravity is a full recline position which supports your entire body and relieves pressure from your spine. When reclining, the armrests move with your body so you can still get the arm massage in the full recline position.

With an S-shape rail system, the rollers contours to the spine of your body. There are 5 automatic massage programs that have been designed to cover a variety of needs. They are:

  • COMFORT: soothing for your bones and muscles
  • RECOVERY: aids with blood flow and circulation
  • RELAX: for targeting the deep muscle tissue with acupressure
  • BACK & WAIST: for focusing on these specific areas
  • NECK & SHOULDER: for focusing on these specific areas

If you don’t want an automatic program, you can use the manual mode. There are several massage techniques such as tapping, kneading, shiatsu, knocking and combinations.

For the different types of massage, there are 3-speed control levels and 3 intensity control levels so you can adjust it to your personal preferences. Included is a remote controller for easy access to all your settings and controls. The chair has a side pocket for storing the remote while you’re enjoying a relaxing massage.

The footrest has 20 airbags surrounding your feet as well as shiatsu rollers underneath. It is also extendable up to 8 inches to accommodate taller people with longer legs.

Other features to mention is the shoulder height adjustment so you can make the chair adjust to fit your body. The chair can remember several settings, so you can have three people use it and each can have their own adjustments by using the memory settings. It also has a gentle upper body stretching function and heat therapy from a carbon fiber source.

It comes with a 1-year warranty for all parts and labor/transportation, a 2-year warranty for all parts and components, and a 5-year warranty for the structural frame.

Relaxonchair MK-IV Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Space saving design 3 inches
  • Zero Gravity recline
  • S-Shape rail system
  • 5 automatic massage programs
  • Height adjustment for shoulders
  • Memory settings
  • Manual massage mode
  • 3 Speed control levels
  • 3 Intensity control levels
  • Several massage techniques
  • Airbag massage
  • Upper body stretch
  • Heating therapy
  • Foot massager with 20 air bags
  • Arm massager with 8 air bags
  • Remote controller
  • Limited 1-5 year warranty


  • Chair upright dimensions: 30.5″ wide x 55″ long x 47.3″ high
  • Chair reclined dimensions: 30″ wide x 83.5″ long x 32.3″ high
  • Chair weight: 197 lbs
  • Upholstery: synthetic leather

Overall the Relaxonchair MK-IV full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair is a good value product with a nice design and many neat features that allow for an effective massage session in the comfort of your own home.

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