Real Relax (Favor-03) Massage Chair Review

Real Relax (Favor-03) Massage Chair




Intensity & Effect







  • Affordable
  • Full-Body Massage
  • 4 Massage Programs
  • Silent Air Pump


  • No S/L-Tracks

Real Relax (Favor-03) Massage Chair ReviewThis seat known as the Real Relax Favor-03, threw us a bit off since it’s the first seat we are reviewing that has no L or S roller track or even the more expensive combination of both. We were perplexed about its neat 4.4 rating on Amazon, and we were as curious as you are right now to figure out why.

Without much ado let’s share with you our intriguing findings.

Zero-Gravity Seating

This pleasant addition to the Favor-03 redistributes your weight to a reclined position described as a state of ‘weightlessness,’ designed for NASA astronauts.

Though we appreciate this feature, we are not sure as to how well it works without rollers, though the seat has eight stationery Shiatsu massage heads which we hope do the trick.

It also has about 50 air decompression bags placed around it which supply fantastic intense compression massages.

Air Massage Mode

This is the stand out feature of this seat. You will love the solid massage that the multitudes of airbags in this model can deliver.

Air massage is a model of a technique massage therapists use, where they grab muscles firmly and gently for a few seconds, release them then repeat the process all over again to help relieve tension in muscles.

To replicate this technique, massage seat manufacturers use airbags that in a rapid synchronized motion inflate and deflate, simulating the tapping method of massage.

The Favour -03 has 35 bags airbags for the arm, gluteus and leg areas of the body, with eight of these, focused on the arms, 24 on the leg area and four on the shoulders. There is a round compression bag for the gluteus muscles too.

Despite the strange sensation of having your limbs entrapped by a mechanical seat, the decompression is very relaxing, and the intensity is just right. We love that the Real Relax designers have excelled at this one feature, on this awesomely priced seat.

Exclusive armrest linkage system

One constant complaint about most massage seats is that they leave the hands unaccompanied, flailing around like leaves in a high wind. We love the armrest linkage system that ensures that upon reclining on this seat, your armrest keeps the same angle as your backrest.

This ensures that your arms do not fall off, but are instead enjoying soothing massages too from the decompression airbags on the armrest linkage system. Isn’t that thoughtful of these designers?

Built-In Waist Heater

A heat feature is essential for proper massages, and we are glad that the Favor-03 has one. Strain and overexertion are the leading cause of lower back pain since they create tension in the muscles and soft tissue, restricting circulation.

Heat therapy works by dilating blood vessels to increase oxygen flow, stimulating the sensory receptors on the skin to reduce the transmission of pain signals to the brain. This also stretches the spinal soft tissues, to reduce stiffness brought about by injury.

The heat therapy combined with the excellent air massage combined well to give you an exceptional massage experience.

Comprehensive Calf & Foot Massage

We love the Shiatsu massage feature for the lower limbs and the foot rollers the Real Relax designers supplied for this noblest of massages. Though there are 24 full wrap air compression bags, the foot rollers are the clear winner here.

The airbags squeeze and stretch your muscles while the rollers put pressure on your soles to bring comfort. The intensity can be a tad too high for most users, so we advise that you apply foot padding to the wells.

It is also remarkable, that the Favor-03 can accommodate users up to 6’3” tall due to its extendable Ottoman.

Great aesthetics

As far as looks go, this one is a looker; made from leather and very easy to clean. Its colors range from black, khaki to burgundy.

Deep Neck Massage

We love it that it has focused airbags for your neck massages. This feature applies pressure to 2 points on your neck to reduce muscle ache and tension.

Easy Assembly

The Real Relax Favor-03 is not only easy to assemble but also has wheels to cart it to your preferred spot in your home or office. Using the detailed manual, the seat should be up and about your massages in less than 30 minutes.

We also appreciate its low learning curve remote control device, which makes the seat easy to master.

Vibrating Hip Massage

You will love the vibration massage the Favor-03 applies to your gluteal muscles, to keep your circulation in tip-top shape.

What we like

  • Affordable and its full body massage mechanism works like a charm
  • Four auto presets massage programs
  • Silent air pump for quiet relaxation

What we do not like

  • An absence of actual rollers and tracks
  • No full body scanning option


The Real Relax Favor-03 Massage Chair is a full body massager that works well, is effective and intense, has several massage programs, silent air pumps and is quite affordable for what you get. Even though it does not have the industry standard S/L-tracks, the air pumps work quite well to give a very relaxing massage.
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