Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair Review

Ogawa Smart 3D




Intensity & Effect







  • High Quality
  • Effective
  • Versatile
  • Lots of Neat Features


  • Expensive
  • Design: not as

Ogawa Smart 3D Massage ChairThe Ogawa Smart 3d Massage Chair is a very neat product with a broad range of features. The first impression it gives is of an advanced, high quality, versatile, sturdy and nicely designed premium massage chair for those who are considering one of the absolute best recliners on the market.

The chair comes with a Samsung HD tablet with an Android operating system for controlling user profiles and customization settings, and updates can easily be downloaded via wifi connection. The tablet allows for almost unlimited user profiles so each member of your family can have their own users.

In this highly advanced product, you will have several new inventions such as the Touch Stop Sensors and the Smart Sense Air Compression function that has 64 airbags throughout the whole chair.

The chair offers more than 17 different massage techniques and methods so you choose the one you want each day. That includes six basic programs as well as six special techniques. One of the programs is the Thai stretching program which includes stretching, rocking, pulling and compression.

With the 3D Body Scan function, the chair will scan and measure the body of each user to be able to adjust perfectly to all different body types. The 3D Roller technology allows the rollers to be adjusted for how deep or light massage you want.

Perhaps your favorite massage position will be the Zero Gravity recline, which makes the chair recline all the way back so that your body lays flat while it also supports your legs and feet, relieving your back from a lot of pressure. It also allows you to relax all the muscles in your body as the chair completely supports your entire body and you can let the massaging work effectively as your body loosens up.

Additional nice features to mention are the vibration option and the chromotherapy lightning. The chair has built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can play and stream music wirelessly, as well as being equipped with USB chargers which are nice so you don’t have to leave your chair to charge your devices.


  • Samsung HD Tablet
  • Air compression
  • Sensors for touch stop
  • More than 17 different massage techniques and methods
  • Six basic and six special techniques
  • 3D body scan adjusting to users
  • 3D Roller technology
  • 64 airbags
  • Zero gravity recline
  • Heating
  • Vibration
  • Chromotherapy lightning
  • Easy touch controls
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Wifi
  • Chargers for USB
  • Full body stretching


  • Black
  • Cappuccino


  • Dimensions: 50 inches x 49 inches x 34 inches
  • Chair weight: 290 lbs
  • Recommended user max weight: 300 lbs

The Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair is basically a premium choice for those who want one of the best on the market. While it is definitely a neat chair, when it comes to design, we feel that it does not give the same premium luxury feel that other chairs in this price range. If you want to see all of our top rated massage chairs, look at our best massage chairs list page.

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