Kahuna Spirit SL-Track Massage Chair Review

Kahuna Spirit




Intensity & Effect







  • Japanese Design and Quality
  • Variety of Programs and Techniques
  • Effective
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Excellent Customer Support


  • Slightly noisy on some programs

Kahuna Spirit SL-Track Massage ChairThe Kahuna Spirit Massage Chair has the new SL-track roller systems. S-track means that it rolls along the shape of your spine while it follows your natural curvature. L-track means that the rollers can reach all the way from the top of your back downwards and then under the seat, in the shape of the letter L. This chair has both functions.

While some chairs have a body stretch function, this massage recliner has two stretch programs. One is the Yoga stretching program, and the other is dynamic stretching called Active Refreshing Yoga program. These programs help to rejuvenate your muscles and awaken your body.

When it comes to massage, this chair has a lot of features. It has 5 portion massage programs, 4 signature programs, allows for 5 different intensity levels and 3 different massage speed levels, as well as 3 different zero gravity recline positions.

It has seat vibration which promotes blood circulation but can even help with certain genital diseases for men. Other neat features are heating therapy for arms, back, and legs, as well as a double head cushion and built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can stream music remotely.

The Kahuna Spirit also has a dual foot roller to take care of your feet. This provides a perfect foot massage with spinning rollers and works well together with the foot airbags to stimulate deep acupoints in your feet.

This chair is designed to be able to save space compared to many other recliners, and have a built-in space-saving technology which allows it to recline all the way with a minimal change in the position of the chair and the space behind it. Only 3 inches from the wall behind is enough for the sliding reclining function.

A Smart Body Scan function will scan your body and adjust itself to your unique body type so you get an individual massage customized for you.

Included is a remote controller which allows for easy adjustments and customization to your massage. The chair also comes with changeable zipper coverings for the legs and feet area so they can be taken off and cleaned.


  • 3-year full warranty
  • 30 minute long massage sessions
  • 5 portion massage programs
  • 4 signature programs
  • 5 different intensity levels
  • 3 different massage speed levels
  • 3 different zero gravity positions
  • SL-Track system with 4 rollers
  • Airbag massage
  • Seat vibration
  • Heating therapy for arms, back and legs
  • Double head cushion
  • Smart body scan
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Dual foot roller
  • Space saving technology
  • Exchangeable zipper covering for legs and feet
  • Remote controller for easy adjustments
  • FDA approved for aiding health issues


  • ivory
  • brown
  • black

Kahuna Spirit Specifications:

  • Recommended user max height: 6 feet 3 inches
  • Recommended user max weight: 280 lbs
  • Chair weight: 247 lbs
  • Chair dimensions: 65 inches x 30 inches x 35 inches
  • Max power consumption: 230W

The Kahuna Massage Chair SL-Track Spirit is a very neat chair with a variety of features and functions. While some alternatives with similar features may be cheaper, this certaintly has a feel of quality that you would expect from a Japanese brand, and the customer support is excellent. Some cons is that it does not give calf muscle massages but only has airbags for the calf. The chair could also be quiter on some of the programs. However, overall it is a chair worth considering.

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