Inada Flex 3s HCP-S373 Massage Chair Review

Inada Flex 3s




Intensity & Effect







  • Great Quality - Made in Japan
  • Effective
  • Nice Features and Functions
  • Flexible


  • Not as many features as some alternatives

Inada Flex 3s HCP-S373 The Inada Flex 3s (HCP-S373) is a Japanese massage chair that can potentially change your life. The chair is designed with the idea of aiding in keeping you flexible and helps you to maintain a good body posture.

Being designed in consultation with Japanese sports stretching experts and being made in Japan, the Inada Flex3s has combined the traditional Japanese massage and stretching technique called shiatsu together with modern day massage therapy stretching movements.

This chair is designed to relieve your pain while improving your posture and preventing stiffness. The spine maintenance and restoration functions that are included in this chair are meant to aid in keeping your spine healthy and free from pain.

With the full body massage, 11 preset automatic massage programs, 5 manual massage types, and almost unlimited customization for manual massage combinations, you get a broad variety of massage features with this chair, allowing you to create a custom fit massage that fits your body type and your massage preferences.

Throughout the recliner, there are 50 airbags that will aid in massaging and gently stretching your feet, legs, and arm with air compression. Heat therapy is available as an option for both feet and hands.

Both the headrest and lower back pad are detachable and removable. Included with the chair are shiatsu inserts that can be placed underneath the feet to get a deeper massage in the sole of the feet.

A remote controller is included and can be placed in a pocket on the outside of the armrest for storing and allows for easy access to changing the settings while seated in the chair.


Full body massage
11 preset automatic massage programs such as stretch all, full body, low body, and full body
5 manual massage types
Almost unlimited customization with over 500 possible manual massage combinations
50 airbags for air compression for feet, legs, and arms
Shiatsu massage with point locator
Heat therapy for feet and hands
Detachable headrest
Detachable lower back pad
Shiatsu inserts included for deeper feet massage
Remote controller included with armrest pocket
Full body stretching function
Spine maintenance and restoration function
3-year limited warranty
Made in Japan

Inada Flex 3s Specifications:

Chair weight: 165 lbs (212 lbs boxed)
Dimensions: 33 inches wide x 52 inches long x 42 inches high
Dimensions when fully reclined: 33 inches wide x 77 inches long x 30 inches high
Recommended user height range: from 5’0″ to 6’2″
Recommended user max weight: 240 lbs
Maximum recline angle: 165 degrees
Power: 150W/60Hz at 120 volts
Stroke length: 27.2 inches


  • black
  • brown
  • cream

In essence, the Inada Flex 3s HCP-s373 is a massage chair that will help you remain flexible and pain-free while you enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home. If you are considering this chair, we recommend that you order it from Amazon as they have short delivery time and provide great customer service.

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