Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair Review

Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair




Intensity & Effect







  • Computer Body Scan
  • 3 Zero Gravity Positions
  • Real Deep Back Massage


  • Not a Space Saver
  • Not L-track

This Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair is on our list of top massage chairs because, besides its features, it is of a solid build and is real bang for your buck. It has far fewer features than some other chairs available, but when it performs, it does so like a hero.

This massage seat has the older S track roller track and has no stretch function, but it has the impressive 3-point Zero Gravity position that is such a hit with massage chairs all over the world.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the features on this formidable recliner.

Three modes of zero gravity position

Zero gravity position eases you to a reclined position in your seat, increasing comfort and reducing pressure on the body during a massage.

The fantastic thing about the Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair is that it has three stages of the ZeroG position also known as ‘weightlessness’ according to NASA. This Ideal massage seat allows you to pick the angle that works best for your comfort, at the touch of a button.

The S track roller system

It’s a bit of a letdown to us that this seat has the S and not the longer L track that massages your back up to your buttocks. The S track though will massage the rest of your back while the gluteal area undergoes compression airbags and vibration massage.

Deep Tissue massage function

This function is where the rubber meets the road on this Ideal Massage seat, and we have to say, it delivers superbly.  The S type roller intensity is excellent, quite broad and focused on the knots on your back.

We love the kneading roller massages on the back and the air massages on the arms, legs, shoulders, and neck.

The buttocks receive a stimulating vibration massage to relax the gluteal muscles and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

You will love its remote device that allows you to focus the rollers on either the upper or lower back, with massage lengths of up to 30 minutes.

This seat is equipped to give four types of massages as listed below;


With its Japanese ancestry, Shiatsu is a massage technique that is entirely reliant on thumbs and fingers without the use of instruments to apply pressure to the human skin.

Shiatsu works on the belief that the body has its natural healing ability, and only needs support and balance to do so.

Shiatsu can heal both emotional and physical maladies. It focuses on qi, which is your natural energy that runs along pathways referred to as meridians.

We love that this Ideal Massage seat offers a mechanized form of Shiatsu that almost feels humanized and leads you to imagine you are in the hands of a real Asian professional masseuse.

No wonder people love it. This seat’s deep massage will make you forget your environment for the 30 minutes you are on it.

Shiatsu is excellent for treating muscular, digestive and nervous system ailments through the manipulation of joints and stretching of muscles. If you are feeling fatigued, then a moment with this seat is what your body is looking for.


This form of massage involves compressing your skin and muscle tissue against each other or the bones underneath them. It utilizes circular motions, where tissue is lifted, rolled off the bone then back while squeezing it.

This technique renders this Ideal Massage seat ideal for waking up your vascular and lymphatic systems, revamping your skin’s texture and improving your muscular tone.  We love how good it is at untying those muscular knots after a hard day’s work

Spinal rolling

This technique involves the rollers moving up and down your back, and mainly targets pain and tightness in the shoulders, neck, and back. This loosens up the fascia and cuts back on back pain.


This massage shakes the muscles using light to firm pressure to induce relaxation, pain relief and a release of energy.

It stimulates blood flow, by dilating the blood vessels and in pain alleviation numbs the afflicted area. On the Ideal seat, they are vibrators located on the seat’s cushion.

Calves and feet massager

This seat has not abandoned your feet and is equipped to give a stimulating massage to your lower limbs. While it has eight airbags to fulfill this function, it, unfortunately, does not have rollers, to supply that soothing roll against your feet.

It instead has six simulated kneading balls that press against the soles of your feet to eliminate stress. How we wish they were motion capable but cest la vie!

Heat Therapy

A little heat goes a long way, and this seat comes with an impressive heat therapy function for your tired and achy lower back, which stimulates blood flow in the region to induce relaxation.

What we like

  • Computer Body Scan
  • 3 zero gravity positions
  • Real deep massages for back problems

What we do not like

  • Not a space saver chair
  • No stretch or L-track rollers

Basically, the Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair is a great value for the money, and can definitely compete with some of the higher priced alternatives. What sets this apart from the others in this price range is the broader range of massage functions offered such as around the arms and around the feet, as well as being a true Zero Gravity recliner. Make sure to consider it, and you can find the latest price through this link:
check price and availability here