Human Touch Novo Full Body Zero-Gravity L-Track Massage Chair Review

Human Touch Novo




Intensity & Effect







  • High Quality Construction
  • Versatile in Adjustments
  • Effective
  • Nice Premium Feel Design


  • On the expensive side

Human Touch Novo Full Body Zero-Gravity L-Track Massage ChairThe Human Touch Novo L-track is quite an impressive massage chair that has been endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic. The chair has 30 different preset programs you can choose from so that you are likely to find plenty of programs suitable to you. Some people like intense massages while others enjoy having a more relaxed one.

If you want even more customization outside of the preset programs, there are an almost endless amount of adjustments you can make. The included remote control allows you to adjust the intensity, the width, the speed, the area of focus, the kneading speed, the user height, the speed of the underfoot rollers, the stretch direction and the duration of the massage.

The full body stretch function will gently stretch out certain parts of your body and muscles so you can get the full massage therapist experience at home. Being able to stretch is something that many people who have massagers have longed for. With the Novo you get, it built in as a function.

In addition to the many programs and adjustments, you also get the lumbar warm air heating function which uses technology to create a flow of warm air towards your lumbar. Heat soothes the muscles and helps to relieve pain and stress as well as promoting blood circulation in your body that helps to rejuvenate sore muscles.

Perhaps one of the best body positions for getting massaged is the position in the Zero Gravity massage. Zero Gravity will recline the chair to an ergonomic position where the pressure on the vertebrae is lower and will relieve your back. Many people feel the Zero Gravity makes it easier to relax and feel their body is better positioned.

For a premium luxury feel, the manufacturer has used SofHyde to create the surface of the chair, which is a leather-like material without the use of any animal hide. The SofHyde is very durable and quite stain-resistant.

You should note that this recliner comes with a 5-year limited guarantee, which is a good sign that they are serious about creating quality products.

A nice bonus feature is the built-in speakers that can play music remotely via Bluetooth. Other nice features to mention is that the recliner has several different language settings such as English, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese. Instructions are also included.


  • 30 different programs
  • Full body stretch
  • Heating
  • LCD navigation controller
  • Zero Gravity
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Cold touch acupressure
  • Several language settings (English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese)
  • Includes instructions
  • Endorsed by the WFC (World Federation of Chiropractic)
  • Adjustable range and intensity
  • Full body massage (including feet and calf muscles)
  • Remotely controllable adjustments:
    • intensity
    • width
    • speed
    • area of focus
    • kneading speed
    • user height
    • the speed of underfoot rollers
    • stretch direction for the stretch function
    • duration of the massage
  • SofHyde material: comfortable, stain-resistant and stylish fabric that feels like real leather.


  • Red
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Black


  • Recommended user height: From 5’0 (152cm) up to 6’9 (205cm)
  • Recommended user max weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Chair dimensions: 63 inches x 31 inches x 43 inches
  • Chair dimensions when reclined: 71 inches x 31 inches x 38 inches
  • Chair weight: 273 pounds (124 kg)
  • Seat width: 19 inches

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Perhaps a high quality massage chair is something to consider?

In essence, the Human Touch Novo Full Body Zero-Gravity L-Track Massage Chair is a high quality massaging recliner with a wide range of features, great quality, and intensity while being quite versatile in its adjustments and comes with a good product warranty. It is now available to buy from Amazon. We always recommend that you order from Amazon as you usually get comparably low prices, short delivery time and excellent customer support.
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