Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair Review

Human Touch iJoy-2580




Intensity & Effect







  • Built To Last
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Use & Install


  • Low Seating
  • Not As Comfortable For Tall People

Human Touch iJoy-2580The Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair takes the cake when it comes to being a durable robotic massage seat, yet basic with fewer innovative features than most others. This chair can give your body a decade of good loving if well maintained.

It is not only durable but so highly rated that in 2013 it won the Consumer Digest’s Best Buy title. Its users love its price, quality, and facilities on offer. We love that this robotic seat also does not stick out like a sore thumb in your decor. It blends in perfectly.

The iJoy-2580, being a Human Touch product, is also endorsed by the over 100,000 strong World Federation of Chiropractic, as good supplementation to a chiropractor. The human Touch robotic seats have also won Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX), for their excellent blend of both ergonomics and aesthetics.

Let’s scrutinize the highs and lows of the HT iJoy-2580.

4 manual massage programs

The one thing the mother company of the iJoy-2580 is world renowned for is the most human-like massage feel to its robotic massage seats. We love that this massage seat is no exception to this rule, and utilizes patented Human Touch massage technology, one of the best in the market.

With massage programs built on research and recommendations from the Human Touch Wellness Council, this seat is guaranteed to ease your fatigue, pain, stress, tension and increase your blood flow to far-flung areas of your body, providing relaxation.

The iJoy-2580 replicate back and spinal care professional techniques and movements by use of its rollers.

This seat employs massage techniques such as;


This method borrowed from Swedish massage is mostly known as tapotement, administered with the edge of the hand, or tips of the fingers, and involves rapid movements from the wrists, striking the body with soft blows.

The iJoy-2580 utilizes this technique to stimulate your muscle reflexes and skin to reduce cramping from fatigued and strained muscles.


Rolling utilizes the thumbs and fingers to lift the skin away from the tissue, then roll it in a circular motion to help gently relax the fascia underneath it. It is excellent for reducing muscular tension, pain and increase flexibility.

The iJoy-2580 utilizes this technique to relax your lower back, by releasing muscular knots and adhesions under the skin on your back


In kneading, your tissues are lifted, rolled and squeezed compressing the underlying muscles to relieve tight tissue, increase flexibility and decrease pain. The technique is also perfect for stress and anxiety, through the application of pressure to superficial and deep tissues.

You will love it that this technique on this seat, improves your blood and lymph circulation, to promote both your emotional and physical well being.


Rhythmic compression massages are great for acute pain, tight muscles, and to promote relaxation. A compression massage uses the hands to push down tissue over a large area, in repetitive rocking motions, in either a light or deep intensity.

In this massage seat, it helps to soften your tissues to encourage relaxation and better digestion. Various hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins are released causing feelings of calmness and happiness.

3 Invigorating auto massage programs

The seat has a feature that allows you to pick between 3 impressive massage programs as listed below;

Refresh your back:
This gives your back 15 minutes of sweeping rolling massage motions to relax your back and get rid of tension knots under the skin. It is perfect for sedentary office workers, suffering from back pain.

Relieve your neck:
The iJoy-2580 gives 15 good minutes of kneading motion massage to help relieve muscle aches around the upper back area. If you spend the day driving or staring down at your screen, then this is perfect for your neck and shoulders.

Release your lower back:
Is your lower back sore? The iJoy-2580, uses alternating techniques of percussion and compression, to target the lumbar area and provide relief in just under 15 minutes. This therapy will go a long way in releasing the tension and pain there.

Superb Recline

This is our favorite feature of this massage seat, allowing you to recline your body up to 165 degrees at the push of a button.

The massage intensity changes with the angle you pick, and the further you recline back, the more intense the massage the seat delivers.

Built-in Control-Panel

In case you have experienced the case of the missing remote control, then you will love this feature. This massage seat allows you pick the massage option of your choice on a built-in panel, strategically placed at your right hand for more natural control.

Space saving

This seat is not just easy to assemble, but it also does not need much reclining space, in case your living space is small. We love that it can not only fit in with your decor but also require less space, due to its compactness and sturdiness.

Extra features

We think most users will love the iJoy-2580’s cup holder. It is such a thoughtful addition for the user who wants to lay back and sip something hot while getting the seat’s invigorating therapy.

Another stand out feature we love is the auxiliary power outlet that allows you to enjoy your iPad, music player or reading lamp as you get your massage.

We also like the massage softening pad that enables you to control your massage intensity, from a deep knead to a light rub.

What we like

  • Built to last
  • Affordable
  • Easy to move and install

What we do not like

  • Its major drawback is that it is awkwardly low
  • Is not suited for people taller than 5’10’’

If you want a basic massage chair in high quality in terms of durability, that is affordable and easy to start using, you should definitely check out the iJoy2580.

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