Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair Review

Human Touch iJoy-2310




Intensity & Effect







  • 160 Degree Recline
  • Built-in Cup Holder
  • Wheels for Easy Mobility


  • Height Limit
  • No Heating
  • Seating is Low

Human Touch iJoy-2310The Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair is one the smallest we’ve seen, and we love that this baby can fit almost in any apartment of any size. While it’s a pretty basic seat, it packs a punch when it comes to massage and is so affordable it gives the buyer a ‘worth it’ feeling.

The Human touch seats are also renowned for their durability and are endorsed by the over 100,000 strong World Federation of Chiropractic, as a useful supplementation to a chiropractor. The human Touch robotic seats have also won Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX), for their excellent blend of both ergonomics and aesthetics.

With much further ado let’s see what makes this tiny seat so highly rated by its users:

3 Invigorating Auto-Programs

iJoy chairs utilize the S-Track and quad rollers, which closely mimic the human hand feel our bodies crave for in a massage. The S track rollers, though considered a bit inferior to the more protracted L-track, tracks along your natural body curve of the spine to give a great massage.

Our seat has three massage auto presets as listed below;

Sore Muscle Relief: to soothe aching muscles especially after a grueling workout.

Stress Therapy: this will iron out the knots on your back for deep relaxation

Back Wellness: an intense massage session to release muscular tension and reenergize your lower back

The programs run consecutively for 15 minutes then automatically stops. There’s usually a slight pause during the change of the backrest direction.

3 Professional Manual Massage Techniques.


The iJoy-2310 employs this high-intensity massage technique, which works on your muscles by introducing circular motions on both of your spine’s sides, to lift, stretch and loosen the tense muscles within.

It is an effective relief for your body and muscle areas that take the brunt of everyday physical stress like your neck and shoulders and back.


Compression massages press on the spine using a gentle rocking motion and alternating strokes. This fantastic little seat uses the rollers on its S track roller system to give this  Shiatsu technique used to increase the blockage of blood supply to a target area.

When the pathway is released, the resurgence of blood increases oxygen supply and washes away toxic waste substances to nurture healing of cells. Hyperemia and is used to target muscles below the skin and your lower limbs, to rejuvenate these areas and reduce pain.


The seat uses alternate rapid-tapping strokes along the spine to give a pleasant low to medium intensity massage.

The percussion massage is used to target specific trouble spots and relax tense muscles in the back, neck, and shoulders. The iJoy-2310   uses this technique to reduce your fatigue, especially if you are an athlete in need of an energy boost.


The Human Touch iJoy-2310  uses its rollers to mimic the smooth motion of hands sliding or rolling on the spine to give an intense deep massage. Rolling the muscles compresses your muscles laterally, and stretches them to increase blood circulation to the target areas.

Zone Massage

We love the zone massage button feature on the remote control device. You can use it to customize the focus of your massage and direct it to the spots you want it most.

This, in turn, interrupts the program currently running and focuses the rollers onto the spots in need.

While it is not possible to adjust the intensity of a massage on this model, we like it that you can redirect the focus of a massage on cue. Once you press the button once more, the Zone Massage Mode undergoes deactivation.

Removable Softening Pad

Another great feature of the iJoy-2310 is its removable softening pad used to create a soft barrier between your body and the seat’s rollers to adjust the pressure of the massage.

This feature is a thoughtful addition for the elderly, or wounded as the seat itself has no other mechanism to reduce the intensity of a massage.

The pad also enhances backrest’s comfort, and you can quickly add or remove it using a horizontal zipper on the backrest’s edge. It is not the most elegant of applications, but it works like a charm.

What we like

  • Inbuilt cup holder for your drinks
  • Wheels for mobility, as it’s a bit heavy
  • Power recline button reclines up to 160 degrees

What we do not like

  • Has a height limit of 6’0”
  • No heat feature
  • The seat is too low, close to the floor

You should check out the Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair on Amazon to see the latest prices and also see our other reviews of how it compares with alternatives in the same price range. We always recommend ordering from as they provide fast shipping and excellent customer service. You can find it through this link:
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