Human Touch HT-5040 Massage Chair Review

Human Touch HT-5040




Intensity & Effect







  • Almost No Assembly Required
  • Versatile
  • Luxurious Design
  • Full-Body Stretching


  • Short Leg Rest
  • Massage Misses Buttocks

Human Touch HT-5040 Massage Chair ReviewThis time we will take a look at the Human Touch HT 5040 Massage Chair. This seat is the kind of seat you fall for at first sight. We love its blend of function and aesthetics to give you an item that blends in seamlessly with your décor. It is the original man-seat. The seat you sit on when you need a massage, need to work or just to Netflix and chill.

This excellent seat has won the ADEX Award for excellence in architecture and design and the World Federation of Chiropractic, a group of over 100,000 chiropractors endorses it.

It not only melts away your pain and sorrows through an excellent massage but will give you no need to keep swapping chairs for different functions. All you need is the HT-5040 as it blends in and does not stand out like a sore thumb.

Let’s jump right in and learn more about what makes the HT-5040 such a great buy.

 Foot-and-Calf Massager

Well, while these feet were made for walking, they really could do with a bit of TLC, and that’s why we love the Deep-Well Foot Calf Massager feature on this seat.

This patented technology from Human Touch uses air compression to give your feet a kneading massage that is out of this world.  Heat, for better blood circulation and relief for overworked muscles, tendons, and fascia is included.

 Full-Body Stretching

With its root in Yoga, the full body stretching function works by incorporating the foot and calf massage well which holds your legs gently as the HT-5040 slowly dips at an angle.  This serves to pump blood flow to the spinal column, refreshing your back.

Neck Massage

Your back and neck pain are a product stress due to the hunched body position you naturally assume when you are stressed out. Raising your shoulders and arching forward, strains the neck muscles that originate from the skull’s base and end up in the broader arm area or the spinal cord.

The HT-5040 has a perfect feature that purveys explicitly to your neck region, giving deep and intense massages that rejuvenate you. This feature is accessible under the comfort head pillow.

3 Refreshing Auto-Massage Programs

Studies on the benefits of massage have clinically proven that this therapy is capable of relieving pain and stress if correctly done.

A massage is also fantastic because it nurtures pleasant feelings of comfort and connection that dramatically uplifts our emotional well being.

We love the seat’s fantastic three auto-massage 15-minute length programs, which are aptly named, Refresh, Release and Relieve.

The HT-5040 rollers simulate the arm’s natural movements and offer a massage stroke, 27 inches in length to cover your complete back area, which is what the Refresh program focuses on.

The Relieve program takes away the tension you have gained through daily physical strain or that tense office meeting by squeezing away the pressure from your neck and shoulders.

After a grueling day’s work, Release will indeed release the pain and strain of your lower back by deeply massaging out the muscular tension.

5 Manual Massage Techniques

With its four rollers and three motors that are made to soothe your body, this seat is capable of 5 professional massage therapies.

We love that that this seat makes it possible to pick between deep and relaxed intensity with the easy to use remote control device.

Percussion taps on the spinal column, while kneading performs light circular strokes on the spine’s sides. This technique is great for smoothing out the ‘knots’ on your back alleviating the sore spots.

Rolling involves top to bottom movement on the spine, which is fantastic for releasing of tension, while compression, mostly used in sports medicine, uses a mixture of strokes and rocking motion to massage the spine.

The final technique is a combination of both kneading and percussion.

Luxurious Faux Leather Vinyl

You will love the official formal look on this seat as it does not present itself as a robotic massage seat. We love this aspect of this seat because we can place it anywhere, we wish with no cringe factor regarding décor issues.

The colors, especially the espresso are vibrant and the soft and uses leather like SofSuede.  That and the metallic paint accents are part of the reason why this seat won the platinum design award with ADEX.

It also has a 60-degree swivel base, allowing you to enjoy your massage at a comfortable angle. Its stitch work and tailoring is to die for.

What we like:

  • Little to no assembly required. Just Velcro the cushions and you are good to go.
  • Rotate the ottoman housing the calf massagers and turn it into a regular leg rest
  • Full-Body Stretching

What we do not like

  • Its massage misses the buttock areas
  • Does not work well for those above 5’7” as leg rest measures 6-8”

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