BestMassage EC-69 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed Review

BestMassage EC-69 Shiatsu Chair




Intensity & Effect







  • High Quality Massaging
  • Affordable & Overall Great Value
  • Nice Design


  • Heavy
  • Not as Durable as Higher-Cost Alternatives

BestMassage EC-69 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed ReviewThe BM-EC-69 is more affordable than its sister the EC06C and reasons are that it has four less manual massage modes than its sister seat which has eight manual massage modes. This is a Shiatsu massage therapy seat that soothes any aches and pains your body may be experiencing.

While this seat is quite simple concerning features, it’s highly regarded in the market due to the high level of massages it gives. With it, you have no more need of a professional masseuse.

As a package, it comes with several features, which are quite interesting.

Massage Chair and Recliner Bed

This is the one massage seat on our list that we can comfortably refer to as part lounge recliner. We love this aspect of the BM-EC69, and if you are looking for a massage seat that you can lie on, then this is the seat for you.

The BestMassage EC-69 elegant design can also fit in your home or office to provide both décor and therapy whenever you are in need. We love its three color variants that include black, brown and burgundy, and it’s soft, pleasant to touch fabricating material.

4 Effective Massage Therapies

The BM-EC-69 is geared more to therapy than to relaxation, so it’s not as comforting as other massage seats. This massage seat is designed to give your body an intense workout and to remove the knots and kinks, especially for those with lower back pain.

We love that this massage seat too can target trouble spots in your neck, shoulders, lower limbs and gluteal area.

Its main manual massage techniques are as below;


In kneading pressure is applied on your muscles to break down and realign collagen fibers to increase muscular flexibility. The friction during the massage raises the skin’s temperature causing vasodilatation that increases the flow of blood to the area, to nurture the healing of cells.

It feels great to sit on the EC-69 after a heavy work out or a long day at work and get your knots and pain sorted out.


Why rolling you ask? Well, the rolling technique is known to improve lymphatic flow, decrease swelling and pain and improve your nerve functions and mobility where there is an injury.

Rolling works by pulling the skin away from underlying ‘sticky’ or unhealthy fascia, which causes a wide range of health issues that impede on your daily activities.

The EC-69’s rollers move up and down like a fixed-point revolving finger pressing your pressure points to bring instant pain relief and a feeling of well being.

Percussion and compression

This Shiatsu technique is an excellent complement to the back massage.  If you are immobile from muscular injuries, especially in sports, this massage will improve your leg posture and the mobility of the injured area.

Tapping and flapping action

In tapping, the EC-69 imitates the hand motion of rapid tapping on your back, to reduce aches from tired out muscles groups and to soften the subcutaneous fat storage.

In flapping it reduces aches and pains, stimulates nerves, blood circulation and leaves your skin supple.

This two motions work great for sore and stiff muscles and reduce stress levels. The seat works on your nerves, to relax your shoulders and back.

Adjusts To Height

We love that this massage seat allows the user to change the shoulder height to ensure that people 6’2” tall can a get a full massage from neck to lower back on it. This is not common in most massage seats, and we laud this feature.

Vibrating Effect

The EC-69 has vibrators that zap your muscular stress and dilate your blood vessels to increase oxygen flow to your muscles. They are placed strategically on the seat, to direct the vibration equally to your whole body.

The vibrators soften fatty deposits on your skin to eliminate toxic substances and leave you feeling rejuvenated.


Japanese Shiatsu is a deep, intense massage that employs finger pressure stretching and joint manipulation to treat your body holistically.

Shiatsu aids in treating muscle pain, migraines, chronic pain, stress and PSTD, insomnia, low back and joint pain, amongst many other ailments.

The EC-69 employs its power rollers to apply shiatsu therapy all over your body and rejuvenate your body.

Remote control

We love its simple remote control feature that keeps you in control of the speed and the intensity of the massage levels you choose. Clicking on the ‘auto’ allows you to enjoy a soothing combination of the various massage modules available.

What we like

  • High-quality massages
  • Very affordable
  • Attractively made

What we do not like

  • Heavy to move around
  • Not as durable as most other seats

Basically, this is a great valued chair that is quite sturdy and should last for many years. Since the design is simple, without too many fancy features of the more expensive models, it does a lot of the same things with a simpler design and at a lower cost. Definitely worth considering for those who want a quality low-priced massage recliner.

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