Best Massage EC161 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Best Massage EC161




Intensity & Effect







  • Easy To Use VFD HD Control Display
  • Covered in High Quality Leather-Like Material
  • Overall Great Value


  • User Manual is Hard to Read

Best Massage EC161 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair ReviewLet’s talk about a great valued full-body massage chair: The Best Massage EC161 with zero gravity. We are all over this massage seat because apart from it having the fantastic L track roller massage system; it also has the full body Zero Gravity position and at such a reasonable price!

Let’s just get straight to the juicy details. The features below are why we love this massage recliner so much.

Super long L massage Track

Featuring the longest L track massage roller at a whopping 49”, this is definitely our favorite feature about this seat. The folks at BestMassage have gone out of their way to increase the massage surface are by 60% delivering some of the most sought-after massage relief on the market, without breaking your bank.

We love that this seat will massage your back fully, while also focusing on your neck, waist, hips, and thighs all fully covered in intense deep roller massages

The EC161’s rollers will help stimulate blood flow all over your body, enhancing your ability to clear out life sucking toxins from your system and also enabling you to absorb nutrients better.

Besides the rollers, the rest of your organs get their massage fix through airbag compression, a feat mostly seen in high-end seats. This seat has about 20 airbags on the lower body area of the seat purposely to massage the feet, legs, and thighs.

Special Zero-Gravity Design

The Zero gravity design on the EC161 gives you the feeling that you are getting your massage done by some fairies on top of a floating a cloud. It’s this feeling of weightlessness induced by this design that we love so much.

The EC161 manages this by placing your leg in a position higher than your heart, taking the weight off your upper body, to decompress the spine and give an invigorating and relaxing massage experience.

This position allows for better and deep breathing and eradicates tension points within the body. This release enables your body to experience better sleep after the built-up stress has been eradicated.

Best Massage EC161’s Automatic Massage Programs

The BestMassage EC161 Massage Chair comes equipped with four fantastic auto-massage programs which differ from each other by intensity and mode from each other. They are named; Relax, Extend, Recover and Refresh

It also employs various massage techniques including;


Used to remove knots, using the bi-direction kneading method. It relaxes and promotes improved blood circulation.

This form of massage involves compressing your skin and muscle tissue against each other or the bones underneath them. It utilizes circular motions, where tissue is lifted then rolled off the bone then back while squeezing it.

Vibrating Shiatsu

This technique involves a compilation of ancient Japanese Shiatsu techniques and mechanical vibrations. Shiatsu focuses to improve the flow of qi, your body’s natural energy that runs on pathways named ‘meridians.’

The finger work done is aimed at unblocking these meridians, which Shiatsu practitioners believe is the cause of illness.

This seat can reduce muscular tension and pain through the deep pressing of your skin, that almost feels hand like. The target areas also undergo skin vibration sequentially.

Shiatsu can relieve migraines, headaches, fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety, PTSD and insomnia amongst others.


This seat uses this technique to increase your feel-good endorphin levels, which bring about feelings of relaxation and happiness. The EC161’s rollers create an up and down motion on the skin of your back, for an intense and compelling massage.

Heat Transmitter

The EC161 has an innovative carbon fiber heater for lower back and waist therapy. Heat is an excellent way of eliminating backaches and stomach flu, by reducing pain through increased blood flow and muscle relaxation.

OPTO Sensor Device

This fantastic feature gives the EC161, the ability to contour your body shape by using your shoulder position as its reference point.

Your body size or weight withstanding, the OPTO sensor will ensure that the massage seat delivers an excellent high-quality massage.

Foot rollers

What’s more inviting than a relaxing foot massage at day’s end? We love that this seat comes equipped with its own set of rollers for your feet.

These are instant relaxation boosters and in reflexology are proven to improve your blood circulation, sleep, and immunity.

Full Wrap Shoulder Massage Airbag

We love that this seat, unlike many others, does not leave your shoulders untouched since its equipped with airbag ’wings’ wrap specifically to give your hardworking shoulders some love.

They firmly but gently work in perfect synchronization to give you the ultimate shoulder treat. These airbags also sooth the lower back and pelvis through the passive motion of the seat.

360 Degree Embedded Seamless Massage Airbags

This seat ensures that your hands too get a treat and are not left flailing aimlessly as the rest of the body receives the five-star massage treatment.

The seat has compression airbags that surround your entire arm to promote a healthy blood flow, giving relief and stimulation to these very important appendages.

PROS: What we like

  • We love the EC161’s easy-to-use VFD control display in HD.
  • This great device is entirely covered with high-quality leather-like material, how cool is that?
  • Overall Great Value

CONS: What we do not like

  • A bit hard to install as manual is hard to read


The Best Massage EC161 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair is a real steal at this price. EC161 is definitely among the top bang-for-the-buck massage recliners on the market

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