How to Use a Head Massager Spider (and how it works)

how to use a head massager spider Ask anyone who has used a head massager, and they will tell you what an absolute blessing it is.

Celebrities like Harry Styles have not shied away from endorsing the product. And the truth is that the product deserves endorsement.


It is because it is an absolute gem, especially for those who are victims of frequent headaches.

What is a head massager?

A head massager, sometimes known as a scalp massager, is a device which allows you to massage your scalp on your own.

Gone are the days when you relied on others to provide you with a massage that would help provide relief from the stress you felt.

Now, all you need is this heavenly device which looks like a spider with its 12 flexible tines made from metal. These tines have mini nodes as tips which play an integral role in stimulating the nerve endings present in your head.

Using a head massager – An easy process

There is no rocket science to understanding how to use a head massager. Such ease in usability further enhances the benefits of owning this product. It is because you achieve maximum satisfaction and relieve pain and stress without doing anything.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a head massager:

  1. Lower the tines of the head massager onto your scalp.
  2. Once in place, give the product a gentle twist.
  3. Lift the massager off.
  4. Repeat.

That’s right, it is truly as simple as this.

How does a head massager work?

One may wonder:

How does a scalp massager succeed in providing such a feeling of euphoria? How is it so successful in combating stress and headaches?

The answer is this:

When you attach the tines to your scalp, they stimulate the nerves of that particular area which, in turn, leads to the secretion of endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s very own self-produced painkillers.

Therefore, your body relaxes, and you feel a soothing sensation engulf you.

But you might be wondering:

Is using a head massager beneficial?

One may think that all that the device does is suppress the cause of the problem. After all, that is what painkillers do right? However, such is not the case. In reality, a head massager has various benefits.

Since it causes an increase in blood circulation, using this device can improve the growth of your hair follicle which can lead to you having thicker and stronger hair.

Thereby, it is a good solution to your hair loss problems.

But that’s not all…

… Such a device also helps in the reduction of stress and alleviates tension. Both of these factors ensure a better mental health and a happy life. It is marvelous what a cheap device such as a head massager can succeed in doing.

Bottom line is this:

A head massager is a device you should be investing in.

The fact that it has a low price makes it accessible to all. And it should be available to all because all of us deserve to destress.

Use the device, and experience the tension seeping away.