How to Use a Back Massager for Pleasure

A back massager is very useful for massaging and releasing the tension of those areas which are hard to reach. If you have a stiff or pulled muscle in the lower back, it can cause pain and soreness in the whole back area that may extend to the neck and shoulder areas too. In such cases, it is important to get a massage at the back and for this purpose, a back massager can be helpful.

A back massager is very portable, and it can be easily taken along if you’re going on a long trip. You can easily reach the painful muscle spots and get a soothing effect just like professional massagers and specialists do. The pleasure and relaxation that you’ll get when you target the stiff muscles are unexplainable.

Using the back massager

To make the most out of a back massager, you must know how to use it efficiently. There are specific regions in the neck, shoulders, and back that should be targeted to relieve the pain.

If your muscles are hurting, you should be aware of which specific areas should be targeted to release tension in the whole aching area. Frequent use of a back massager will help you identify those areas that are sore or stiff.

Follow these rules to utilize a back massager for pleasure effectively:

  • Use your hands to target the muscle tenderness by just moving your fingers over that area firmly. You can use the massager around the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, and even thighs.
  • Whenever you experience a lump or a solid knot in the muscles, press it to identify the intensity of pain and discomfort in that area. Some feeling of stiffness will come as a result of the force you applied and for many people, it is pleasing and satisfying.
  • When you’ve identified the aching area, it’s time to start the treatment by using the back massager.
  • There are different types of back massagers on the market. You can simply hook or attach them to the shoulders or hang under the arms. Then, turn on the device and start the treatment on the affected muscles.
  • Start with a gentle force and allow the muscles to get used to the force and massage action being applied. Slowly increase the intensity according to your comfort level.
  • Apply force on the impacted tissue or muscle and proceed over to the surrounding muscles. You can stop the massager in between and then start another cycle to allow the muscle some time to release the pain.
  • It is recommended that force should be applied to the whole painful and sore muscle in a one-inch area, and then stretch out to some distance and change the direction.
  • Always use a proper breathing technique while you use a back massager to oxygenate the muscles properly. Breathe in and out deeply before you start massaging.
  • A back massager will release all the tension in the muscles, and you’ll end up being more satisfied as well as take pleasure through this treatment.