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  • Gideon Thai Foot Massager (w/ shiatsu, heat & 3D nodes) Review

    Gideon Thai Foot Massager (w/ shiatsu, heat & 3D nodes)Don’t waste your money on dozens of visits to a Thai foot massage place when you can get it cheaper in the comfort of your own home without having to leave your house every time.

    The Gideon Thai Foot Massager is a new release that is already popular on the market, due to its shiatsu massage, soothing pressure and built-in heating function with deep kneading 3D massaging nodes.

    A great natural relief for people who have plantar fasciitis, heel spur, and foot tiredness and pain.

    Taking a quick glance at this massager, one can see that it has a very simple design but looks very practical and sturdy. It’s not as shiny and premium-looking as some of the other foot massagers on the market, but its hard plastic build and smooth matte finish gives off a feeling of being high quality and effective.

    Between the holes you put your feet in, there’s a simple and easy to use control panel with buttons to control heat, intensity, time and program, as well as a power button and a display.

    The Gideon Thai Massager features 4 massage programs and 3 levels of intensity, as well as under-feet heating and deep-kneading nodes.

    Start the machine and let it work its magic by applying pressure to the toes, heels, ankles, and bottom of the feet.

    A nice feature of this Gideon Thai foot massager is the clever design, as it mimics the hands of a professional masseuse so you can get a Thai massage for your feet in the comfort of your own home, rigorously working on those hard knots to release tension.


    • Natural pain relief. If you suffer from any foot-related issue, like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, heel spur bunions, foot swelling or other pains and aches, this massager may provide soothing relief for you.
    • 10 minutes of daily use improves blood circulation and provides relief for many of the most common foot-related pain issues.
    • Heat therapy feels greatly relaxing for your tired feet and can also help you to relax your entire body after a long day. This massager has 2 levels of heat therapy, and it can also be turned off.
    • Choose the intensity and program that fits you. You can choose from 3 intensity settings and 4 massaging programs which includes massaging and compression. This gives you more control to get the most comfortable massage experience.
    • Easy to clean and maintain with removable liners.
    • Relieve many other body parts with reflexology pressure point. Research has been done to suggest that pressure point may also give relief from lower back pain, stress and pain in other areas.


    • 3 massage intensity levels
    • 4 massage style programs
    • 2 levels of infra-red heating therapy
    • An easy-to-use touch-button control panel
    • 10 feet long power cord
    • Reflexology massage
    • Removable and washable liners
    • Automatic shut-off timer (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes)
    • Dimensions: 15 inches x 13 inches x 7 inches

    So treat yourself.

    No need to hesitate. The Gideon Thai Foot Massager will be a great personal tool that will give you more relaxation in your life and relief for your feet.

    But… Make sure you get a real Gideon massager and not a fake one. The link below will take you to an official page on Amazon so you are sure to get the real thing with fast shipping.

    buy at amazon.com

  • Ivation Foot Spa Massager (w/ heat, rollers, vibration & bubbles) Review

    Ivation Foot Spa Massager (w/ heat, rollers, vibration & bubbles)Why would you waste your money at a spa retreat?…

    … When you can get a relaxing spa treatment in the comfort of your own home?

    The Ivation Foot Spa Massager is a multi-function heated bath with automatic massage rollers at the bottom.

    With a quick look at this interesting foot bath, one realizes it can do vibration, create bubbles and it has a digital adjustable temperature control and comes with 3 pedicure attachments included. Quite a nice package.

    But let’s look a bit closer.

    Design-wise the Ivation foot bath is nothing spectacular. It actually looks kind of like a white plastic bucket with a blue rim at the top.

    However, when taking a look inside, the bottom appears to have rollers and many ridges along the bottom to perform trigger point pressure.

    At the top near the rim, there’s a small control panel with buttons to control power, temperature, time, massage and bubbles. There are also a few LEDs indicators. There’s also a warning that says “NO WATER NO USE” which means that you should never attempt to use this without water. Underneath is a power cable.

    How to use it:

    • Place the device on a flat surface where it stands sturdy
    • Plug power cord into an outlet
    • Fill the spa basin according to the water level that is marked on the inside
    • AFTER having filled it with water, THEN press the power button.
    • Choose the temperature that’s comfortable for you (start low) and set a timer
    • Relax your feet in the bubbly water and let the massager spa do its work.
    • Oils can be added for aromatherapy (optional).


    • Heated bath up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Automatic massage rollers
    • Vibration
    • Bubbles
    • Digital temperature control
    • 3 pedicure attachments included
    • Timer
    • Massage controls
    • 1 Brush attachment included
    • 1 Acupressure attachment included
    • User guide included
    • Dimensions: 16.5 x 14.9 x 9.2 inches
    • Weight: 6.7 lbs.

    The best thing about this foot bath is that it doesn’t go cold like many others which don’t have the heating.

    The Ivation Foot Spa Massager is a great multi-function tool to use to treat your toes, heels, and ankles to a session of relaxation and rejuvenation. Would definitely recommend it for people who get tired feet from standing a lot during the day. The vibration is soothing and it feels like it “loosens up” the muscles and also promotes blood flow.

    If you’re considering a foot bath spa massager, then definitely take a closer look at this one. But make sure you get a real one from a legit supplier. The link below will take you to a legit supplier at Amazon.com.

    buy from amazon.com

  • Miko Shiatsu Home Foot Massager (w/ deep-kneading & heat) Review

    Miko Shiatsu Home Foot Massager (w/ deep-kneading & heat)You might be surprised to find out that the Miko Shiatsu Home Foot Massager has deep-kneading nodes, multi-level settings and even features a switchable heat function.

    When looking closer at this massager, it seems to be quite sleek and portable and practical foot massager.

    Its grey smooth surface comes across as a bit luxurious and the feet openings feel very welcoming.

    On the top, in the middle, there is a row of buttons to control the heat, pressure, kneading and an on/off button. There is also a small display to show the intensity settings.

    The cloth insets can be taken off by unzipping them, and are washable.

    A nice feature is the 15-minute automatic shut-off so you don’t have to worry about this thing staying on and accidentally causing a fire. If you fall asleep while using it, it will stop after 15 minutes.

    There are several air pockets that fill up and compress your feet with heat to loosen up your tense muscles, as well as the deep-kneading rollers below the feet.

    Other cool features are the 2 wireless remote controls that are included. They have the same buttons and controls as on the massager itself, so you can control it from your hand without having to reach down to your feet. A power adapter and a manual are also included.

    There are 5 different levels of the strength of the massage, and you can choose the one that feels good for you. It’s recommended to start at a low level to become used to the machine before you try higher levels.

    Benefits of the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager:

    • Relieves foot pain from the pressure of standing the whole day
    • Relieves tightness in pressure points
    • Delivers soothing heat while massaging the bottom of your feet


    • Fits up to size 12
    • Applies air pressure
    • 15-minute auto shut-off
    • Fits up to size 12
    • 1-year warranty for full satisfaction
    • Air compression with heat
    • 2 wireless remote controls included
    • Spa grade massage
    • Portable and well-designed
    • Deep-kneading
    • Heat to loosen muscles
    • Weight: 12 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 43 x 40 x 20 cm
    • 5 massage strength levels
    • Power adapter included
    • Manual included

    Basically, you’ll get a spa-grade massage at a lower cost than going to a spa or massage parlor. The Miko Shiatsu Home Foot Massager will take care of your feet while you just sit and relax.

    If you’re considering this Miko device, it’s recommended that you order it from Amazon.com as you will get an official supplier and avoid getting a cheap knock-off. The link below will take you to a legit supplier at Amazon, and you will get great customer service and quick shipping.

    buy from amazon.com

  • Fit King Air Compression Leg Foot & Calf Massager Review

    Fit King Air Compression Leg Foot & Calf MassagerWhat’s a Fit King Leg Air Massager any good for?

    Well… If you’re like me, then your feet always feel tired after a long day of standing and walking.

    And I think you will agree: suffering from constant leg problems is not fun at all.

    But there’s a fix:

    Having a pair of calf and foot massagers in your home can really help rejuvenate your tired legs.

    The FitKing Fit King is a clever air compression leg, calf and foot massager device that will promote blood circulation and relieve your feet.

    It comes with a handheld controller that allows for 3 different levels of intensity and 2 modes.

    There are two colors to choose from. Light gray, and dark gray. The dark gray is definitely the nicest look in my opinion.

    The 15-minute automatic shut-off function makes it safer to use since you can use it when you are very tired without worrying about falling asleep or forgetting to turn it off.

    It’s worth noticing that this product comes with a 24-month warranty, so in case there’s a quality-related issue, you can get assistance from the after-sales service.


    • Relieves fatigue. If you have tired feet after a busy day of walking and standing a lot, a compression massage will feel so good.
    • Improves circulation. Long-term daily use can improve overall circulation in your feet.
    • Relaxes tense muscles. It feels really soothing to relax and relieve tense muscles from stress, which can help to induce a more calm state of relaxation in your whole body.


    • 2 Auto modes
    • 3 Air intensity levels
    • 2×2 Airbags
    • 4 different massage methods
    • Calf massage
    • Foot massage
    • Wide wraps that are adjustable in size
    • 15-minute automatic shut-off function
    • 1 remote controller included
    • Power adapter included
    • 2 massage cuffs included
    • 1 user guide included in EN/DE/FR/IT/ES
    • 1 storage bag included
    • Dimensions: 15.8 inches tall from heel to top. 9.8 inches from front to heel.
    • Fits calf sizes up to a 19.5″ circumference
    • Fits foot sizes up to 17.5″ inches
    • 24-month warranty

    If you have never tried a foot massager like this before, it’s a bit different than a regular one.

    After you wrap this around your feet, the airbags will fill up and compress up and down your lower legs and feet, where most of the pressure will be focused on your calf muscles and around your mid-foot and toes.

    It will fit most people just fine. The maximum circumference is 19.5 inches for your calves and around 17 inches for feet.

    Bottom line is this:

    The Fit King Leg Massager is a useful tool for relaxation and wellbeing for people who often have tired feet or suffer from various leg problems. The link below will take you to the official Fit King product page on Amazon.com where you can order it at a low price and get fast shipping and great service.

    buy from amazon.com

  • High Quality & Effective – Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager Review

    Belmint Shiatsu Foot MassagerA Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager is nice to have.

    If you are like me, then you sometimes get tired feet after a long day of work.

    Especially if you have a job that requires you to stand and walk around on hard surfaces.

    But I think you will agree with me when I say that getting a foot massage would be a dream after those long days when you’re really tired.

    When I’m really tired, I personally prefer to use an electric foot massager machine at home instead of having to leave the house and go to a massage place.

    If you don’t have one for your own home, I would definitely recommend getting one like the Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager, as it is quite impressive and overall a great valued massager.

    When taking a closer look at this Belmont sleek-looking device, one can see how many neat features it has.

    The buttons on the top can control heat, pressure, kneading and to power it on or off. And it’s very easy to use.

    How to use it:

    • Plug in adapter
    • Remove your shoes
    • Power on
    • Adjust heat and pressure intensity
    • Sit back and relax until your massage is finished
    • Remove the cloth when you need to clean it

    The heat function will slowly heat up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit after 10 minutes, and the air compression and rollers below the feet will go ahead and work on your feet, losing up all those tense muscles and relieving your feet from that pain and stress. It also has a 15-minute automatic shut-off function so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep.

    With 5 levels of pressure, you are sure to find one that you feel the most comfortable with. It’s recommended that you start with the lowest pressure and intensity first and slowly increase it to where it feels right for you.

    The massager has a compact design, and as long as your feet are size 12 or smaller, this massager should fit. It also only weighs 12 pounds so you can easily move it around in your home, or bring it to your office.


    • Air compression
    • Powerful relief
    • 48 massage nodes
    • Power adapter included
    • User manual included
    • 5 levels of pressure
    • With 115 degrees Fahrenheit of heat
    • Compact design
    • 15-minute auto shut-off
    • Fits feet up to size 12
    • Removable and washable cloth cover
    • Guarantee: Satisfaction or get a refund
    • Dimensions: 17.7 x 15 x 18.1 inches
    • Weight: 12 pounds

    The best thing about it?

    You don’t have to change yourself to use the Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager because it’s so easy to use and it just does all the work for you.

    Sit back and relax and get a complete spa massage experience at home.

    Get one for yourself. But it’s always recommended to buy it from a legit supplier so you are sure you get a real one. The link below will take you to an official supplier at amazon.com, and then you also get the warranty and customer service.
    buy from amazon.com

  • TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Wooden Roller – Review

    TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Wooden RollerThe TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller is a neat device made out of high-quality wood.

    At first glance, it seems to be a manual foot massager that you roll your feet on. Apparently, it’s great for plantar fasciitis, foot pain, acupressure, and reflexology.

    But let’s take a closer look.

    And when you look closer, you can tell this tool has been very carefully designed. It is mostly made out of high-quality wood, more precisely polished Theaceae wood, which makes it very sturdy, strong and stable.

    On each of the rollers, there are ridges that have been designed with optimal spacing between them for trigger point stimulation.

    However, the roller at the back is different. It has 24 nubs meant for acupoint reflexology.

    If you flip the TheraFlow upside-down, you’ll see that it has strips along the bottom of it to protect your floor and prevent it from slipping.

    It’s worth noticing that this massager actually comes with a lifetime warranty! That’s usually a sign that the manufacturer is very confident in the quality of the product.

    The benefits of using a TheraFlow:

    • It relaxes you. Refresh your tired feet and get relief from stress.
    • It relieves pain in your feet. Great for plantar fasciitis and to soothe foot, arch and heel pain.
    • It improves blood flow. Promotes circulation and overall health and wellness


    • Durable. Made of high-quality wood
    • Foot chart included
    • Bottom strips for anti-slip
    • Floor protection
    • Arched design
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Portable at only 1.6 lbs
    • Versatile. Can be used for feet of any size

    In essence, the TheraFlow is a dual foot massager with rollers that is portable and versatile, relieves pain and relaxes tired feet, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s also reasonably priced so you get a lot of value for your money.

    But watch out for the knock-offs. There are many similar-looking products on the market that just don’t have the same quality as this one. If you click the link below, it will take you to an official supplier at Amazon, which in my experience always provides great customer service and fast shipping.

    Buy from amazon.com

  • Top 4 Professional Massagers in 2018 (the few that doesn’t suck)

    BEWARE: Many professional massagers actually suck…

    … because they are just cheap mass-produced massagers with only weak vibration and won’t really be effective.

    But there are a few that are quite good. Whether you’re a sports therapist on the go or a massage therapist in a private practice, I’ve listed my top picks here.

    The Best Professional Massagers

    TheraGun G2PRO

    Top Ratedbest professional massager TheraGun G2PRO

    The TheraGun is the best option for anyone considering a real professional massager that works wonders and goes deep into the muscle tissue. The product itself comes in a Pro package with 4 attachments for different use. One large ball, one smaller ball, and one cone-shaped. These can be used on big and small muscles, or if you would like to really pinpoint and go deep. The way to use this is to move it close to your skin, and let it hammer down into your muscles while you move it across the area with a movement speed of roughly 0.5 to 1 inch every second.

    Overall a great product for any physical therapist, massage therapist, athlete or anyone who works with professional physical fitness. It is lightweight, comes with 2 batteries, 3 attachments, and a 12V charger. It gives a very powerful and intense massage that you will feel the effectiveness of right away. It will definitely help to heal your muscles, relieved stiffness and pain, and may prevent injuries … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Thumper Maxi Pro

    Also GreatThumper Maxi Pro

    If you are a therapist in need of a time-efficient, robust and potent tool, you should consider the Thumper Maxi Pro. This is a tough percussive device that can cover large muscle areas with several spheres at once and do a full-body massage in 5 to 8 minutes. The speed can be adjusted from 1080 RPM to 2100 RPM. There is no need to press down as the thing itself weighs 7 pounds. It has two handles to make it easy to use and adjust quickly while going over a patient’s body. It is designed to minimize feedback to the therapist’s hands, and roughly 95% of the energy created by the massager is directed into the patient’s muscles. It can be used continuously throughout the day without draining the therapist’s spirit and leaving them fatigued.

    This is an excellent massager for a certain professional therapist-to-patient type of setting. It is not as versatile as the TheraGun but it can also work on more muscles at the same time, like the ones around the spine, the buttocks and down the spine … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    MedMassager MMB04B

    Also GreatMedMassager MMB04B

    Another great option for a therapist to massage patients or for partners to use on each other. You can also use it on yourself, but if that is mainly the way you intend to use it, we would recommend something else. However, for professionals, this is a powerful beast of a machine. The variable speed control allows you to adjust it from 400 RPM all the way up to 4000 RPM. The best way to use it for a patient to lay flat on a massage bench while the therapist is standing and holding it steadily with both hands while massaging the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet.

    The MMB04B is CSA certified, FDA approved and certified for therapeutic use. It is ergonomically designed and has a soft leather-like pad to provide a smooth and gentle point of contact with the patient’s skin. This device is not battery-powered but comes with a standard power cord that works with normal 110V AC that you find in any wall outlet in the USA. Feels soothing for sore muscles, alleviates joint pain and swelling and stimulates blood circulation … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Maxi Rub

    Budget PickMaxi Rub

    The Maxi Rub is a well-valued massager for professional use and usually listed in a lower price range than the alternatives above. As a cheaper alternative, you still get a durable machine that is effective and has adjustable speed and intensity and is easy to use. However, it should be expected that it has fewer features and functions than the higher-end options. With two speed settings at 2800 RPM and 3500 RPM, it can still get the massage job done. It is powered by 120V AC through a simple 10 feet power cord that you plug into an outlet. The technology is basic but reliable. It has no built-in battery which makes it fairly lightweight at only 6 pounds. Included with the machine comes a Maxi Rub Fleece Cover that can be fitted over the pad to provide a soft and comfortable surface as the point of contact with the patient’s skin. The cover is removable and can be machine washed to get rid of any remains from lotions or oils. A 1-year warranty is included … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

  • Top Handheld Massagers (2018)

    Best Hand Held Massagers

    1. Brookstone MAX 2
    2. Pure-Wave CM7
    3. Thumper e501 NA Sport
    4. Bruntmor Premium Super Wave

    Brookstone MAX 2

    Top Ratedbest handheld massager Brookstone MAX 2

    The MAX 2 is a powerful and effective hand held massager that has a cordless design due to its built-in lithium-ion battery that has a long battery life and can be recharged. It can also be used with the charger plugged in. Being a Brookstone product usually means excellent quality, and the MAX 2 is no exception. The two ergonomically designed handles make it easy to hold and control while moving it around, and the nodes move in and out instead of just vibrating like many other massagers, so you don’t have to push it to apply pressure as the nodes themselves will do it.

    Some neat features to mention is the 3 deep tissue massage programs called Pulsing, Energizing and Soothing. There are 5 different speed levels of intensity so you can choose what feels right for you between 1750 and 2550 RMS. Overall it is just a great product that is powerful, effective, practical and easy to use… Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Pure-Wave CM7 

    Also Greatalso great Pure-Wave CM7

    The Pure-Wave CM7 is usually priced a bit lower than the MAX 2 (always make sure to check the latest prices), but still a great quality product. It comes with a wide range of different attachments which makes it quite versatile. Their different attachments consist of a single point tip, a 6-tip head tip, an air cushion tip, a massage oil tip, a facial tip, and a scalp tip, and by changing between them you can use them all over your body. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for up to 180 minutes of use, and it has a nice stand to be placed in while being recharged or not in use.

    The intensity and effect are quite impressive but can be adjusted so you can find out what intensity and speed feels right for you. It can use several different techniques such as percussion, vibration, Swedish massage, deep tissue, shiatsu, and acupressure. Overall this is a universal multi-purpose massager that can do almost anything… Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Thumper e501 NA Sport

    Also GreatThumper e501 NA Sport

    The Thumper E501 NA Sport is designed for active people who want the best handheld massager they can use at home. It has percussive technology that emits energy into your muscles and an ergonomic handle which makes it easy to hold and reach all your muscles. The True Speed Feedback System enables it to maintain its speed even if you increase the pressure to the nodes.

    It is worth noticing that this product is designed and manufactured in Canada, which is rare for today’s production of massagers. You also get a 2-year warranty. We think it is a practical and easy-to-use product … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Bruntmor Premium Super Wave

    Best ValueBruntmor Premium Super Wave

    The Premium Super Wave is a great valued product that has a surprisingly high quality for its price range. The massager comes with 9 different attachments that you can change depending on what type of massage you want. The pinpointed tips are used to focus on a fixed point, whereas the wider ones are used for larger muscles groups and different areas of your body. There are many ways you can use them and you can even use them on your scalp. It has a built-in battery that you can recharge in 3.5 hours. Even with a battery, it is quite lightweight at only 2 pounds. But the lightweight battery comes with a drawback. The battery life is not as long as the other alternatives listed here. The speed control allows you to change the intensity. Overall it is a neat vibration and percussion massager that can compare to the Pure-Wave CM7 or CM5. It does not score just as high as those offer a few more features, but on the other hand, the Premium Super Wave can usually be had for a much lower price. So unless you care about the extra features, you might save yourself some money and still have quite a nice massager … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    TheraRUB HandHeld Massager 

    Budget PickTheraRUB

    If you are looking to spend the least money possible for a decent massager that does the job, then look no further than the TheraRUB Percussion Double Head Electric Massager. While the construction and quality of this product cannot in any way compare to the others listed here, this is what we consider the best choice for those who value budget first. We have also reviewed a few other budget ones, such as the Wahl 4290-300 and the Homedics HHP-350, which are both worth considering, but in our opinion this one is a better choice as it is quite powerful and intense and also it is usually listed as a lower price, but don’t take our word for it. Always check for the latest pricing yourself to make sure. With the TheraRUB, you get an easy-to-use product that has a handle with a rubberized grip which makes it easy to hold in your hand. It is not cordless as some others listed here, but you should not expect it to have a built-in battery at this price point. It has a 14-foot power cord which gives you some length so you don’t have to sit by the power outlet. It also comes with 3 types of massage heads which you can change to get different types of massages. The speed and intensity can easily be adjusted by sliding the speed controller up and down … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

  • Top 4 Best Massage Chairs of 2018

    This is a guide to finding the best massage chairs that are on the market in 2018. The ones we list here are the ones we most recommend from those we have reviewed. The ratings given are based on our own reviews of the products.

    You can read a more extensive review of each product by clicking the hyperlinked title of each product where you can read more about each product’s features, quality, and effect.

    You can also check the products’ latest pricing and availability at Amazon.com, which we always recommend as they usually have competitive pricing combined with short delivery time and excellent customer support.

    Top 4 Best Massage Chairs

    1. Luraco iRobotics 7
    2. Schultz ZycroPulse Massage Lounge Chair
    3. Human Touch Novo
    4. Ultimate L Massage Chair

    Luraco iRobotics 7

    Top Ratedbest massage chair luraco irobotics 7 i7

    This is the only chair that has received a full score of 10/10 in ratings. It is no wonder that it has won several awards such as “Best of CES 2017 Award” in the category of Health & Fitness. This high-quality recliner is made in the U.S.A. Being developed and constructed in America is something that is quite rare among massage chairs these days. Luraco also provides excellent customer service support that is based in the U.S.A. It has some of the most advanced features of any massage chair that we have seen and gives a super effective full body massage.

    The best massage chair: Scientifically proven health benefits

    The iRobotics 7 is the only chair listed here that has been studied by a university and proven to provide health benefits. The research study found that users’ average stress levels were reduced from 4.3 to 2.4 (on a scale of 0-10). Users also felt stress-related pain decreasing from 2.1 to 1.1. Users’ average blood pressure decreased from 114/76 to 110/73, and their average heart rate decreased from 76 to 70 … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Schultz ZycraPulse Massage Lounge Chair

    Premium Luxuryschultz zycrapulse massage lounge chair

    The first impression you get when you look at the ZycraPulse chair from Schultz is that it is definitely designed for people who want a premium luxury design. It has programs for upper body, lower body, full body, loosen muscle and deep tissue. It performs these programs with variations and combinations of flapping, kneading, knocking, shiatsu and heat therapy. Other features include foot rollers, zero gravity recline, memory settings, and much more. All settings can easily be adjusted from the easy-to-use remote controller.

    It has all the features and latest technology that you would expect in a top-of-the-line full body massage recliner. If it is not on sale, it is usually available for almost twice the price of the alternative high-quality massage chairs on the market. But what differentiates Schultz ZycraPulse from most of the alternatives is the Premium Luxury design and feel to it. If you want everything and are willing to pay extra for the most luxurious premium chair with a nice lounge design that looks great in any room of your home, then this is the chair for you … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Human Touch Novo

    Also Greathuman touch novo

    It has been endorsed by the WFC (World Federation of Chiropractic) and it has a design that is quite unique. With over 30 different programs to choose from and an almost unlimited number of adjustments possible, you will get a custom fit massage from the Novo like almost no other chair. It comes with all the advanced features like body stretching, lumbar heat therapy, Zero Gravity massage, built-in Bluetooth speakers, acupressure, and more. And all the different functions can be adjusted by the remote control: the intensity, the width, the speed, the area of focus, the kneading speed, the user height, the speed of the underfoot rollers, the stretch direction and the duration of the massage.

    The quality of the chair is excellent. It has a strong and sturdy frame and the upholstery is made out of a leather-like SoftHyde material that is resistant to stains, very comfortable and looks great. The integration of the upholstery with the frame and base of the chair is so sleek and stylish and it will look great in any home. The Human Touch Novo is for people who want a high-quality massage chair with a unique design and several options when it comes to colors … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Ultimate L Massage Chair

    Best Valueultimate l massage chair

    This phenomenal chair can definitely compete with many of the higher-end chairs on the market. Once you look at it you can tell that it has been designed from scratch with an idea to offer great value for the price while not sacrificing on quality or features. This sturdy and high-quality chair has an L-Track system at its core with a track length of 50.4 inches which is quite impressive. That provides great reach, coverage, and effect. Perhaps the best massage chair in terms of value for your money.

    A few neat things to notice about this chair is that it has a space-saving feature so you can place it only 4 inches in front of the wall behind it and it will be able to fully recline. The massage sessions are up to 1 hour long which is something almost no other chair can do. It has built-in speakers and a music player with a headphone connector and also supports Bluetooth for wireless streaming. There are 64 airbags, 5 automatic and 5 manual massage programs, automatic 3D body scanner, Zero Gravity, remote controller and a lot more. It is one of the safest chairs on the market as it transforms the dangerous 110-Volt current from your wall socket into a lower 24-Volt current. Not only safer but also more energy efficient. The steel frame is solid and sturdy and the leather-imitating upholstery is strong and practical … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Other Massage Chairs Worth Considering

    There are so many good chairs on the market, and the above are the top 4 that we have reviewed on this website. However, there are also a few others in the same league in terms of quality and effectiveness that we feel we should mention them as well. Having a few more worth considering may be beneficial to someone who is considering a high-quality recliner but would like to see a broader range of potential chairs to see what appeals to them. So here are 3 chairs that are worth considering.

    Ogawa Smart 3D

    Ogawa Smart 3DDefinitely worth considering for those who are looking for a chair that has a bunch of neat features, those who enjoy high-quality products, and those who want an effective and versatile massager. It also comes with a Samsung HD tablet which can be used to control the settings as well as an entertainment device while you’re relaxing and taking care of your sore muscles. With 17 different massage techniques and a 3D body scan function, you will get a customized massage experience that is unique to your body type. It does not have that unique premium luxury style that some of the other massagers listed and looks more like an ordinary recliner, but it can definitely be compared in terms of features, quality, intensity, and effectiveness … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

    Ogawa Active SuperTrac

    Ogawa Active SuperTracIf you’re not specifically looking for the best massage chairs, but just looking just like a high-end leather recliner, the Ogawa Active has most of the same features and functionalities as other high-end massage recliners, but it is not in the highest price range. With the SuperTrac technology, you can choose the different UNIQ programs that cover your upper back all the way down to your glutes. There are programs such as Gentle, Vigorous, Relax, Stretching, Therapy, Full Air, as well as UNIQ 1, UNIQ 2 and UNIQ Back. These are all performed with a combination of the 6 different massage techniques like clapping, tapping, rolling, kneading, Swedish and shiatsu. All in all, a great valued chair in high quality, quite versatile, has a wide range of features and great intensity and effect. It also comes in 4 different colors … Read Full Review →
    Check Price and Availability Here

  • What to Look For in a Massage Chair

    Don’t waste your money!

    Be sure that you know what your needs are and what to look for when you are buying a good massage chair for yourself.

    The technology in these chairs vary a lot, and after you have read this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what they are, so you can make an informed decision when buying a massage chair and know what you should look for.

    What to Consider When Buying a Massage Recliner

    • Features – Look at what type of components, function, and details it has and compare it to your needs or other chairs
    • Quality – Consider which country it is made in and what materials are used in the structural frame and upholstery. Also, consider the warranty.
    • Specifications – Whether it fits your body type, weight, and height, and if the dimensions of the chair will fit in your room.
    • Versatility and Usage – If it is a multi-purpose product or if it can be adjusted and customized to fit your wants and needs or if it has multiple types of massagers, programs, and techniques.


    There are a bunch of different features you can look for in a massage machine, and especially in a recliner as it is the most advanced and multi-purpose product category. We will explain some of the most important features that these midrange and high-end products usually have, and you can consider whether that is something you need or not.

    Zero Gravity

    Zero Gravity is a term in the industry which refers to a fully reclined position where your spine is relieved of most of the pressure that is put on it during the day, and the chair fully supports your body and it may also lift your legs and knees to further ease the weight off of your tailbone and gently stretch your spine. Some manufacturers include several Zero Gravity positions which usually means different angles of recline. Since you are laying flat on your back in this position, your body’s weight pushes the muscles vertically downward onto the massage rollers, which makes it more intense than when you are merely leaning towards horizontally.


    S-Track is a type of back roller technology that makes the rollers follow the curvature of your spine. Today, most mid-range and many low-end chairs will have some sort of S-Track motion which makes them more ergonomic for your back area. Some might not even list S-Track as a feature as it has become a standard feature in the industry.


    L-Track is a type of back roller technology where the rollers are designed to follow the L-shape of your body when you are seated, by starting at your head, following down your spine, around your buttocks and reach all the way down to your thighs. The maximum reach of the rollers is sometimes listed as track length and it can vary among the different products. The track is also usually made up of several different rollers and may also be designed to follow the curvature of your spine like an S-Track but also reaches all the way around your buttocks. An L-Track system usually covers even more of your back than what an S-Track does.


    Airbags are often used for compression massaging the muscles and for gentle stretching of your body parts. The number of airbags a product has is not as important as its overall intensity and effect. The machine in your chair will inflate and deflate the bags in different areas and often in combination with other types of techniques.

    Space Saving Recline

    A cleverly designed product can enable a full recline with minimal space behind it. This is often listed as space-saving technology or design and is often listed with the number of inches needed. The lower the length, the closer you can place it to a wall behind it. If a product has listed this as a feature, the length is often between 1 and 6 inches, whereas a normal recliner would maybe require 20 or 30 inches. However, the space that is minimized behind it is usually added to the front of the chair, so it will slide forward when reclining and therefore requires more space in the front for a full recline.

    Massage techniques

    • Kneading
    • Compression
    • Tapping/percussion
    • Stretching
    • Grasping/gripping
    • Rolling
    • Shiatsu/Acupressure
    • Junetsu
    • and more…

    These are just some of the different techniques that a massager may list as its features. Some are imitating other types of techniques such as Swedish, Thai, Ti Chi, and Zen Master, and may list them as features also.


    Some things to look into when determining the quality of the product is to look at where the product is designed, assembled or manufactured. There are very few products in this industry that are being Made in the USA today. However, those that usually have higher quality than those made in South-East Asian countries. Also look at what the frame material and the upholstery is made of. While some may think that real leather is ideal for a high-quality massage chair, you have to consider its longevity when exposed to heat and moisture. Leather can easily crack and become stained. When used in this setting, a strong leather-like synthetic material that is stain-resistant and comfortable is better. Another thing to look for is the time of the warranty as it can often tell you about how much confidence the manufacturer has in the quality of the product, and a long warranty is usually a good sign. However, you should also note that most warranties are limited by personal use and do not cover commercial use in health facilities or spas unless it is specifically mentioned in the warranty as commercial.


    The specifications often tell you about what colors are available, what the product weight and height is, and what the shipping weight is. Its dimensions are often listed, both its upright dimensions and when it’s reclined. Other important specifications are the recommended user height and recommended user weight. Many of these products are manufactured in Asia, and while many are designed for the European and American demographics, you should definitely keep these in mind if you are tall or large. Other specifications may be of interest such as power consumption, the number of motors the product has, the number of rollers it has and so on. But the most important ones are those that tell you whether or not the product will fit your body and your needs.

    Versatility and Usage

    When looking at different products, some may be more versatile than others. That could be in a wide range of areas. Some may be designed to be used for more purposes than simply to be massaged. Some chairs have built-in speakers or entertainment systems. Some may support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Some will have high-tech remote controllers that can give you full control over the different settings such as intensity control, speed control, individual adjustments, and special customization. Some chairs will have foot rollers and calf massagers. These are some things to consider when comparing products, but the most important thing is what your personal preferences and needs are and finding a product that fits you.

  • Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair Review

    The Relaxonchair MK-II Plus is one of the highest rated and the most affordable zero-gravity massage recliners. The MK-II, even though it’s exported from China, has all the features expected in a high-end robotic massage seat and is excellent value for money.

    We love the great features, especially the zero gravity position, L-track massage and full body air massage and overall comfort.

    Let’s take a closer look at these features.

    L -Track Design

    We love the L-track feature on this seat that allows the rollers to massage your back up the gluteus muscles and thighs. The L-track massage seat is super for those with sciatica, lower back pain, and soreness of the legs.

    3D Body Scan

    The 3D Body Scanning technology on this seat is at the same level as other higher tier massage seats but at a fraction of the price. This great feature is purely used to pinpoint and eliminate try and error when massaging your pressure points.

    The seat scans your back and adjusts the roller position to give you the best massage possible, according to the length of your spine, your dimensions, and shape.

    Three Stage Zero Gravity

    The Zero-G position from NASA is one of the most sought-after features on massage seats and for a good reason. The zero gravity position ensures muscle relaxation and spinal relief and has been proven to enhance blood circulation for astronauts.

    You will love how the seat cradles your body in an angle that releases built-up tension by spreading out your weight evenly on the chair.

    The MK-II offers not one but three ZeroG positions that reduce the strain on your heart by elevating your feet to the same level your heart.

    Air Massage System

    Compressed air massage has been proven to increase skin blood flow locally immediately after application, according to science. In swollen ankles, the compression assists soothe them through increased blood flow.

    This great full body compression feature, causes airbags to inflate and squeeze and compress your muscles and then releases them after deflation. This effect releases tension all over your body, leaving you feeling relaxed.

    During automatic massage programs the airbag located in the shoulder, armrests, hips and leg ottoman massages the areas apportioned to them according to the instruction from the program.

    The news on the grapevine is that MK-II Plus has at least twenty airbags placed around it. This number guarantees an excellent body massage comparable to most high-end seats.

    Deep Tissue Massage

    A deep tissue massage focuses on the muscle’s deepest layers, in the tissues, tendons, and fascia to help bring out and do away with the tension.

    The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, states that during a deep tissue massage, your blood pressure falls after only 45-60 minutes of deep massage. This leads to a release of oxytocin and serotonin that boosts your mood and induces relaxation.

    You will love the MK-II Plus’s deep tissue massage function perchance you have chronic back pain. The intensity is thrilling when the setting is at its strongest.

    The MK-II Plus utilizes a modest number of massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, rolling plus a combination kneading and tapping, to deliver an intense deep massage, not for the faint-hearted.

    If you would instead customize your massage, for manual mode massages, you can choose between, five roller massage techniques, including, rubbing, pressing and pulsating

    This seat, has for auto programmed massage routines, labeled  I, II, III, and IV, but in the manual are described as follows;

    • Deep Massage: maximum intensity, full body massage that targets all the back’s acupressure points. It uses all five roller techniques and all air compression bags.
    • Comfort uses both roller and air massages to focus on your body’s smaller zones for longer times to clear out any pockets of tension.
    • Recovery uses the five roller techniques plus some stretch techniques whereas the rollers massage, the seat recline and inclines to stretch your body gently to improve blood circulation
    • Decompression helps achieve maximum spinal decompression using the rollers and gives a thorough stretch of the leg and back muscles.

    The remote control also allows access to five other target massage choices for your fulfillment.

    Calf & Foot Massage

    At the end of your very long day, soothe your feet with the MK-II Plus using both rollers for the soles and airbags for the calves.

    We should emphasize that this seat gives a massage described by users as ‘strong,’ reason why its a hit amongst those with leg and back problems.

    In case an intense massage is not your regular cup of tea, you can layer your feet with socks to cushion them further.

    An excellent feature is that the Ottoman is extendable to accommodate taller chaps, and can assist those up to 6’3” height.

    Relaxonchair MK-II Plus has Back Heat

    Who does not love some heat during a relaxing massage? Well, the seat has two heating elements at its back, and they are quite large which is great because they provide heat all the way to your mid-back.

    Not all chairs come with heat, and those that do can be hard to find at the lower end of the price spectrum. So just to help you out, this is a high point of purchase for this chair.

    The main drawback is that there’s no way to control the temperature. You either have heat, or you don’t. If the heat isn’t as intense as you’d like it, there’s no way to adjust it, sadly.

    Even with this limitation, the heating elements are a welcome addition that adds real therapeutic value to the chair. Heat is excellent at jump-starting blood circulation to an affected area and aids in the healing and restoration of affected cells.

    What we like

    • Simple and easy to use remote control
    • Highly affordable so great value for money
    • Works flawlessly especially for users with chronic back pain

    What we do not like

    • Inability to adjust the heat function


    The Relaxonchair MK-II Plus is easy to use straight away and has many of the same features as chairs in higher price ranges. This is truly a great valued massage recliner and is likely to provide comfort and relaxation for many years.
    check price and availability here

  • Real Relax (Favor-03) Massage Chair Review

    Real Relax (Favor-03) Massage Chair ReviewThis seat known as the Real Relax Favor-03, threw us a bit off since it’s the first seat we are reviewing that has no L or S roller track or even the more expensive combination of both. We were perplexed about its neat 4.4 rating on Amazon, and we were as curious as you are right now to figure out why.

    Without much ado let’s share with you our intriguing findings.

    Zero-Gravity Seating

    This pleasant addition to the Favor-03 redistributes your weight to a reclined position described as a state of ‘weightlessness,’ designed for NASA astronauts.

    Though we appreciate this feature, we are not sure as to how well it works without rollers, though the seat has eight stationery Shiatsu massage heads which we hope do the trick.

    It also has about 50 air decompression bags placed around it which supply fantastic intense compression massages.

    Air Massage Mode

    This is the stand out feature of this seat. You will love the solid massage that the multitudes of airbags in this model can deliver.

    Air massage is a model of a technique massage therapists use, where they grab muscles firmly and gently for a few seconds, release them then repeat the process all over again to help relieve tension in muscles.

    To replicate this technique, massage seat manufacturers use airbags that in a rapid synchronized motion inflate and deflate, simulating the tapping method of massage.

    The Favour -03 has 35 bags airbags for the arm, gluteus and leg areas of the body, with eight of these, focused on the arms, 24 on the leg area and four on the shoulders. There is a round compression bag for the gluteus muscles too.

    Despite the strange sensation of having your limbs entrapped by a mechanical seat, the decompression is very relaxing, and the intensity is just right. We love that the Real Relax designers have excelled at this one feature, on this awesomely priced seat.

    Exclusive armrest linkage system

    One constant complaint about most massage seats is that they leave the hands unaccompanied, flailing around like leaves in a high wind. We love the armrest linkage system that ensures that upon reclining on this seat, your armrest keeps the same angle as your backrest.

    This ensures that your arms do not fall off, but are instead enjoying soothing massages too from the decompression airbags on the armrest linkage system. Isn’t that thoughtful of these designers?

    Built-In Waist Heater

    A heat feature is essential for proper massages, and we are glad that the Favor-03 has one. Strain and overexertion are the leading cause of lower back pain since they create tension in the muscles and soft tissue, restricting circulation.

    Heat therapy works by dilating blood vessels to increase oxygen flow, stimulating the sensory receptors on the skin to reduce the transmission of pain signals to the brain. This also stretches the spinal soft tissues, to reduce stiffness brought about by injury.

    The heat therapy combined with the excellent air massage combined well to give you an exceptional massage experience.

    Comprehensive Calf & Foot Massage

    We love the Shiatsu massage feature for the lower limbs and the foot rollers the Real Relax designers supplied for this noblest of massages. Though there are 24 full wrap air compression bags, the foot rollers are the clear winner here.

    The airbags squeeze and stretch your muscles while the rollers put pressure on your soles to bring comfort. The intensity can be a tad too high for most users, so we advise that you apply foot padding to the wells.

    It is also remarkable, that the Favor-03 can accommodate users up to 6’3” tall due to its extendable Ottoman.

    Great aesthetics

    As far as looks go, this one is a looker; made from leather and very easy to clean. Its colors range from black, khaki to burgundy.

    Deep Neck Massage

    We love it that it has focused airbags for your neck massages. This feature applies pressure to 2 points on your neck to reduce muscle ache and tension.

    Easy Assembly

    The Real Relax Favor-03 is not only easy to assemble but also has wheels to cart it to your preferred spot in your home or office. Using the detailed manual, the seat should be up and about your massages in less than 30 minutes.

    We also appreciate its low learning curve remote control device, which makes the seat easy to master.

    Vibrating Hip Massage

    You will love the vibration massage the Favor-03 applies to your gluteal muscles, to keep your circulation in tip-top shape.

    What we like

    • Affordable and its full body massage mechanism works like a charm
    • Four auto presets massage programs
    • Silent air pump for quiet relaxation

    What we do not like

    • An absence of actual rollers and tracks
    • No full body scanning option


    The Real Relax Favor-03 Massage Chair is a full body massager that works well, is effective and intense, has several massage programs, silent air pumps and is quite affordable for what you get. Even though it does not have the industry standard S/L-tracks, the air pumps work quite well to give a very relaxing massage.
    check price and availability here

  • Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 Review

    Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 ReviewAnyone in for a taste of Hawaii? Well, you can have the Pacific islands treatment, right in the comfort of your bedroom with the Kahuna LM6800 massage chair.

    A Kahuna massage, also known as Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian Temple Massage is a vigorous, rhythmic style of massage originating from Hawaii. The masseuse utilizes their fingers, palms, wrists, and forearms while moving around the table in rhythmic motions of Hula and Tai Chi.

    Manipulating the ‘hu’ and ‘na’ and energy, they apply both soft and deep tissue massage to stimulate the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems.

    The Kahuna massage therapy is excellent not only for physical illness but also for emotional distress, including stress, grief, exhaustion or depression. If you have asthma, migraines or irritable bowel syndrome, then the LM6800 is just what you are looking for.

    The most outstanding features of the Kahuna Massage chair is that it not only has space saving zero gravity function but three great stages of it. We love the L-Track massage system, enabling this baby massage every single of your spine.

    Allow us to dig in and give you the scoop on why we think this is the best massage so far in the market.

    Outstanding features of the Kahuna Massage Chair

    3 stage Zero Gravity Capability

    Modeled after NASA’s Zero-G position, the Zero Gravity position can be likened to an astronaut’s body sitting angle as they launch off to space. This positioning helps their bodies endure the immense pressure and stress that results from leaving Earth’s gravitational field. It is also known as ‘weightlessness.’

    The reclined position on the LM6800 helps reduce pressure on your spinal column, by spreading your weight evenly across the seat. The key to this significant effect is the elevation of your legs to a higher level than your heart for better blood circulation.

    The Kahuna Massage seat has three levels of the Zero Gravity position, with the final angle setting your feet 4-6 inches above your heart.

    L-Track System

    You will love the L track system on this Kahuna massage seat. An L-track system of this kind costs a pretty dollar on other massage seats and measures a whopping 42 inches, from your head to your glutes. It has four roller wheels that decompress each vertebra to give a full impact massage.

    Space saving technology

    This aspect of the Kahuna Massage seat is décor saver since it makes it possible to blend in the chair with the rest of your furniture. Due to this feature, the LM6800 only needs a maximum of 3 inches from the wall during zero gravity position, unlike other seats that need 15 to 30 inches tops.  You can place this chair in any space, big or small in your home or office.

    Yoga Stretch

    We love that the Kahuna Massage seat also incorporates some aspects of both Shiatsu and Yoga therapy to its incredible 17 alternate features.

    Shiatsu, a Japanese massage therapy that utilizes finger pressure is excellent for alleviating illness, stress and nurturing emotional healing. Yoga, on the other hand, incorporates both physical exercises and mind-calming aspects to promote healing and wellness.

    The Kahuna massage seat has the Yoga Stretch program that stretches and relaxes your muscles by pulling your legs and soldiers alternatively in opposite directions. There is a focus too on the pelvis,  glutes and waistline area to help release toxins from the body and rejuvenate blood circulation. You’d be forgiven to imagine that you are in the capable hands of a massage therapist.

    As for the deep Shiatsu tissue massage, you can pick the 5 minutes quick or 30 minutes slow massage option. This seat incorporates heat therapy on the lower limbs too.

    We love the SH-CHIRO function, which specifically targets your spinal column to offer relief from pain, nerve and muscle fatigue through nerve energy release.

    The Yoga Stretch feature zones in on your upper and lower back, the lower back area and then your entire back and body. It combines manual techniques of kneading, rolling, tapping, shiatsu and a kneading/ tapping combination.

    Body Scan Technology

    How about a custom fit massage? The Kahuna seat scans your body size and maps its contours, then adjusts the massage session to fit your body. No one size fits all here!

    We love that the scanner stores all the data collected in its database so that although the scan takes only a few minutes, you do not have to redo it on your next massage.

    Air Massage Technology

    With the Kahuna LM6800, less is more as far as seat airbags are concerned.  This massage seat has fewer airbags than most other models endowing it a quieter, higher quality massage.

    Nevertheless, its airbags inflate and deflate individually to give the body a deep stretch and twist. You can extend this massage to the rest of the back, to provide a relieving compression massage.

    Feet and Legs Massage

    Our legs and feet take the most beating in regards to strenuous physical exercises and manual jobs. So it pays to give them the five-star treatment that the Kahuna seat is designed to provide. Let your feet walk on sunshine with the calves and feet roller massage.

    The seat has dual foot rollers for the feet area and multiple airbags for a deep compression massage. The footrest is also adjustable for persons of any height.

    The dual rollers stimulate acupuncture points on your feet, to give you a top end seat relaxing feel. We love that the foot area is detachable & washable for sanitary purposes.

    Heat Therapy

    In massage therapy, heat is used by use of heat stones, heating pads, heat wraps, hot baths or warm gel packs to alleviate pain especially for arthritis. Heat will increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissue to promote healing.

    The Kahuna has a heat therapy function that targets your lower back and calves for total wellness. By dilating your blood vessels on the lumbar muscles, it eliminates pain.

    What we love

    • Excellent price for top of the line features
    • All in one body massage chair
    • Three positions zero gravity

    What we do not like

    • The feet massage is an almost too intense

    Last words

    Kahuna Massage Chairs is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the industry, and the LM6800 is a very good choice for those who want a Zero Gravity massage recliner. Make sure you check the latest prices through the link:
    check price and availability here

  • Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair Review

    This Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair is on our list of top massage chairs because, besides its features, it is of a solid build and is real bang for your buck. It has far fewer features than some other chairs available, but when it performs, it does so like a hero.

    This massage seat has the older S track roller track and has no stretch function, but it has the impressive 3-point Zero Gravity position that is such a hit with massage chairs all over the world.

    Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the features on this formidable recliner.

    Three modes of zero gravity position

    Zero gravity position eases you to a reclined position in your seat, increasing comfort and reducing pressure on the body during a massage.

    The fantastic thing about the Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair is that it has three stages of the ZeroG position also known as ‘weightlessness’ according to NASA. This Ideal massage seat allows you to pick the angle that works best for your comfort, at the touch of a button.

    The S track roller system

    It’s a bit of a letdown to us that this seat has the S and not the longer L track that massages your back up to your buttocks. The S track though will massage the rest of your back while the gluteal area undergoes compression airbags and vibration massage.

    Deep Tissue massage function

    This function is where the rubber meets the road on this Ideal Massage seat, and we have to say, it delivers superbly.  The S type roller intensity is excellent, quite broad and focused on the knots on your back.

    We love the kneading roller massages on the back and the air massages on the arms, legs, shoulders, and neck.

    The buttocks receive a stimulating vibration massage to relax the gluteal muscles and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

    You will love its remote device that allows you to focus the rollers on either the upper or lower back, with massage lengths of up to 30 minutes.

    This seat is equipped to give four types of massages as listed below;


    With its Japanese ancestry, Shiatsu is a massage technique that is entirely reliant on thumbs and fingers without the use of instruments to apply pressure to the human skin.

    Shiatsu works on the belief that the body has its natural healing ability, and only needs support and balance to do so.

    Shiatsu can heal both emotional and physical maladies. It focuses on qi, which is your natural energy that runs along pathways referred to as meridians.

    We love that this Ideal Massage seat offers a mechanized form of Shiatsu that almost feels humanized and leads you to imagine you are in the hands of a real Asian professional masseuse.

    No wonder people love it. This seat’s deep massage will make you forget your environment for the 30 minutes you are on it.

    Shiatsu is excellent for treating muscular, digestive and nervous system ailments through the manipulation of joints and stretching of muscles. If you are feeling fatigued, then a moment with this seat is what your body is looking for.


    This form of massage involves compressing your skin and muscle tissue against each other or the bones underneath them. It utilizes circular motions, where tissue is lifted, rolled off the bone then back while squeezing it.

    This technique renders this Ideal Massage seat ideal for waking up your vascular and lymphatic systems, revamping your skin’s texture and improving your muscular tone.  We love how good it is at untying those muscular knots after a hard day’s work

    Spinal rolling

    This technique involves the rollers moving up and down your back, and mainly targets pain and tightness in the shoulders, neck, and back. This loosens up the fascia and cuts back on back pain.


    This massage shakes the muscles using light to firm pressure to induce relaxation, pain relief and a release of energy.

    It stimulates blood flow, by dilating the blood vessels and in pain alleviation numbs the afflicted area. On the Ideal seat, they are vibrators located on the seat’s cushion.

    Calves and feet massager

    This seat has not abandoned your feet and is equipped to give a stimulating massage to your lower limbs. While it has eight airbags to fulfill this function, it, unfortunately, does not have rollers, to supply that soothing roll against your feet.

    It instead has six simulated kneading balls that press against the soles of your feet to eliminate stress. How we wish they were motion capable but cest la vie!

    Heat Therapy

    A little heat goes a long way, and this seat comes with an impressive heat therapy function for your tired and achy lower back, which stimulates blood flow in the region to induce relaxation.

    What we like

    • Computer Body Scan
    • 3 zero gravity positions
    • Real deep massages for back problems

    What we do not like

    • Not a space saver chair
    • No stretch or L-track rollers

    Basically, the Ideal Massage Zero Gravity Chair is a great value for the money, and can definitely compete with some of the higher priced alternatives. What sets this apart from the others in this price range is the broader range of massage functions offered such as around the arms and around the feet, as well as being a true Zero Gravity recliner. Make sure to consider it, and you can find the latest price through this link:
    check price and availability here

  • Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair Review

    Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair ReviewThe Human Touch Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair. Let’s Review: First and foremost we love that this is a massage seat backed by over 35 years market experience and proper solid research. This chair is endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic and is supported by the Human Touch Wellness Council and gives excellent bang for your buck.

    Our choice feature is that this seat gives the smooth feel of skin to skin contact during a massage, not the bumpy frictional massages that most seats of this caliber offer. It echoes a hands-on warm oil massage, with zero friction or pinching that you could forget that it’s a robotic seat’s massage.

    Before we get ahead of ourselves lets share on what is so spectacular about this seat:

    D FlexGlide Massage Technology

    This is one of our favorite features on this chair. It’s what gives its traditional ‘warm oil’ massage feel. No roller bumps and friction here, just a fluid back, neck and shoulder massage for ultimate relaxation. No other chair in its cost range comes close to this massage.

    Its new roller technology, FlexGlide, is so smooth and covers a wide area of the back torso, below the ribs. The FlexGlide Orbital massage Technology will wrap up your body in a soothing massage starting from the neck area to the lowest nook of your back.

    This will serve to improve blood circulation to massaged areas, nurturing healing, wellness and release endorphins, which are your body’s natural painkillers.

    Patented Warm Air Technology

    The Patented Warm Air Technology of the WholeBody 7.1 pushes warm heated air through the porous back of the seat targeting mostly the thoracic and lumbar regions. This serves first to loosen tense muscles as a start to a deep penetrating massage, then relieves pain. Warmth is an excellent prerequisite for improved blood flow and pain reduction.

    Exclusive BodyMap PRO:

    An excellent masseuse always listens and pays attention to parts that hurt most then focuses on them. We love that this seat with BodyMap Pro feature has a listening ear.

    All you need to do is press on the remote control on where it hurts most, or where massage is needed most, and the seat’s function focuses on it. How cool is that?

    Changing your focus of attention from pain during the massages has been reported to send users of this seat to deep sleep right on it. After use of this great feature, you will have less sore and stiff muscles, spasms and less stress.

    “CirQlation” Figure-8 Technology

    This is one of the best features for your legs and feet we believe. We love its focus on these sometimes abandoned and forgotten bits of our anatomy.

    The   CirQlation foot-and-calf massage is especially beneficial for fibromyalgia, high and low blood pressure, insomnia, and dramatically soothes aching and sore limbs.

    It works by improving the much need blood circulation, forcing the blood to the affected areas, using an upward wavy massage motion.

    We love the calf rollers that work optimally at a fraction of the cost of the high seats they are native. A focused feet and calf massage can help relieve degenerative arthritis, and abnormal pressure on feet and calf tendons, tissues, ligaments, and bones. Your very own chiropractor on call.

    Five Auto-Massage Programs

    Without the need for much fiddling with the remote, the Human Touch Wellness Council has designed five automatic massage programs to suit your every massage need.

    You can pick a full massage, an upper or lower one or mood suiting massages like sleep or relaxation massages. You will enjoy the simplicity and clarity of use of these features.

    Want to look younger and feel stronger? These techniques will boost the level of endorphins in your system, taking years off your body.

    The WholeBody 7.1 seat has four massage techniques; Stretch, tone, flex, and glide, which include various massage techniques including, Shiatsu, Swedish, acupressure, compression, clapping, percussion, vibration.

    3D orbital massage technology

    The 3D orbital massage on this seat allows rollers to protrude out of the track and deep massage areas of your torso neglected by most massage seats, including the upper neck and shoulder area.

    This technology is adjustable, and you can apply it to the strength suited for your need. It will leave your whole body restored, rejuvenated.

    Base Swivels 55 Degrees

    The massage seats offer an excellent angle for relaxation, and this seat has a 55-degree swivel base, allowing you sit back, recline or relax, depending on your mood and well being. We love this versatility of angle.

    Retractable Ottoman with Foot and Calf Massager

    The WholeBody 7.1 has a fully retractable ottoman with foot and calf massager so that when you are in the mood for foot massages, which is rarely, you can retract the massage well and use it a footrest instead.

    What we like about the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1:

    • Built-in comfort pillow for extended neck and shoulder support and complete relaxation
    • Slick and contemporary aesthetics fits in any interior decor scheme
    • Covered in supple SofHyde faux leather
    • Easy to use seat and remote

    What we do not like about the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1:

    • A bit uncomfortable for taller people

    Final words

    In essence, this looks almost like any type of recliner with very smooth design and covered in luxurious SofHyde faux leather, which fits with the interior of most living rooms, but you have all the features and functions of a real massage chair. If you’re on the fence about this one, you can check out the price and availability and compare it to others we have reviewed.
    check price and availability here

  • Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair Review

    Human Touch iJoy-2580The Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair takes the cake when it comes to being a durable robotic massage seat, yet basic with fewer innovative features than most others. This chair can give your body a decade of good loving if well maintained.

    It is not only durable but so highly rated that in 2013 it won the Consumer Digest’s Best Buy title. Its users love its price, quality, and facilities on offer. We love that this robotic seat also does not stick out like a sore thumb in your decor. It blends in perfectly.

    The iJoy-2580, being a Human Touch product, is also endorsed by the over 100,000 strong World Federation of Chiropractic, as good supplementation to a chiropractor. The human Touch robotic seats have also won Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX), for their excellent blend of both ergonomics and aesthetics.

    Let’s scrutinize the highs and lows of the HT iJoy-2580.

    4 manual massage programs

    The one thing the mother company of the iJoy-2580 is world renowned for is the most human-like massage feel to its robotic massage seats. We love that this massage seat is no exception to this rule, and utilizes patented Human Touch massage technology, one of the best in the market.

    With massage programs built on research and recommendations from the Human Touch Wellness Council, this seat is guaranteed to ease your fatigue, pain, stress, tension and increase your blood flow to far-flung areas of your body, providing relaxation.

    The iJoy-2580 replicate back and spinal care professional techniques and movements by use of its rollers.

    This seat employs massage techniques such as;


    This method borrowed from Swedish massage is mostly known as tapotement, administered with the edge of the hand, or tips of the fingers, and involves rapid movements from the wrists, striking the body with soft blows.

    The iJoy-2580 utilizes this technique to stimulate your muscle reflexes and skin to reduce cramping from fatigued and strained muscles.


    Rolling utilizes the thumbs and fingers to lift the skin away from the tissue, then roll it in a circular motion to help gently relax the fascia underneath it. It is excellent for reducing muscular tension, pain and increase flexibility.

    The iJoy-2580 utilizes this technique to relax your lower back, by releasing muscular knots and adhesions under the skin on your back


    In kneading, your tissues are lifted, rolled and squeezed compressing the underlying muscles to relieve tight tissue, increase flexibility and decrease pain. The technique is also perfect for stress and anxiety, through the application of pressure to superficial and deep tissues.

    You will love it that this technique on this seat, improves your blood and lymph circulation, to promote both your emotional and physical well being.


    Rhythmic compression massages are great for acute pain, tight muscles, and to promote relaxation. A compression massage uses the hands to push down tissue over a large area, in repetitive rocking motions, in either a light or deep intensity.

    In this massage seat, it helps to soften your tissues to encourage relaxation and better digestion. Various hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins are released causing feelings of calmness and happiness.

    3 Invigorating auto massage programs

    The seat has a feature that allows you to pick between 3 impressive massage programs as listed below;

    Refresh your back:
    This gives your back 15 minutes of sweeping rolling massage motions to relax your back and get rid of tension knots under the skin. It is perfect for sedentary office workers, suffering from back pain.

    Relieve your neck:
    The iJoy-2580 gives 15 good minutes of kneading motion massage to help relieve muscle aches around the upper back area. If you spend the day driving or staring down at your screen, then this is perfect for your neck and shoulders.

    Release your lower back:
    Is your lower back sore? The iJoy-2580, uses alternating techniques of percussion and compression, to target the lumbar area and provide relief in just under 15 minutes. This therapy will go a long way in releasing the tension and pain there.

    Superb Recline

    This is our favorite feature of this massage seat, allowing you to recline your body up to 165 degrees at the push of a button.

    The massage intensity changes with the angle you pick, and the further you recline back, the more intense the massage the seat delivers.

    Built-in Control-Panel

    In case you have experienced the case of the missing remote control, then you will love this feature. This massage seat allows you pick the massage option of your choice on a built-in panel, strategically placed at your right hand for more natural control.

    Space saving

    This seat is not just easy to assemble, but it also does not need much reclining space, in case your living space is small. We love that it can not only fit in with your decor but also require less space, due to its compactness and sturdiness.

    Extra features

    We think most users will love the iJoy-2580’s cup holder. It is such a thoughtful addition for the user who wants to lay back and sip something hot while getting the seat’s invigorating therapy.

    Another stand out feature we love is the auxiliary power outlet that allows you to enjoy your iPad, music player or reading lamp as you get your massage.

    We also like the massage softening pad that enables you to control your massage intensity, from a deep knead to a light rub.

    What we like

    • Built to last
    • Affordable
    • Easy to move and install

    What we do not like

    • Its major drawback is that it is awkwardly low
    • Is not suited for people taller than 5’10’’

    If you want a basic massage chair in high quality in terms of durability, that is affordable and easy to start using, you should definitely check out the iJoy2580.

    check price and availability here

  • Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair Review

    Human Touch iJoy-2310The Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair is one the smallest we’ve seen, and we love that this baby can fit almost in any apartment of any size. While it’s a pretty basic seat, it packs a punch when it comes to massage and is so affordable it gives the buyer a ‘worth it’ feeling.

    The Human touch seats are also renowned for their durability and are endorsed by the over 100,000 strong World Federation of Chiropractic, as a useful supplementation to a chiropractor. The human Touch robotic seats have also won Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX), for their excellent blend of both ergonomics and aesthetics.

    With much further ado let’s see what makes this tiny seat so highly rated by its users:

    3 Invigorating Auto-Programs

    iJoy chairs utilize the S-Track and quad rollers, which closely mimic the human hand feel our bodies crave for in a massage. The S track rollers, though considered a bit inferior to the more protracted L-track, tracks along your natural body curve of the spine to give a great massage.

    Our seat has three massage auto presets as listed below;

    Sore Muscle Relief: to soothe aching muscles especially after a grueling workout.

    Stress Therapy: this will iron out the knots on your back for deep relaxation

    Back Wellness: an intense massage session to release muscular tension and reenergize your lower back

    The programs run consecutively for 15 minutes then automatically stops. There’s usually a slight pause during the change of the backrest direction.

    3 Professional Manual Massage Techniques.


    The iJoy-2310 employs this high-intensity massage technique, which works on your muscles by introducing circular motions on both of your spine’s sides, to lift, stretch and loosen the tense muscles within.

    It is an effective relief for your body and muscle areas that take the brunt of everyday physical stress like your neck and shoulders and back.


    Compression massages press on the spine using a gentle rocking motion and alternating strokes. This fantastic little seat uses the rollers on its S track roller system to give this  Shiatsu technique used to increase the blockage of blood supply to a target area.

    When the pathway is released, the resurgence of blood increases oxygen supply and washes away toxic waste substances to nurture healing of cells. Hyperemia and is used to target muscles below the skin and your lower limbs, to rejuvenate these areas and reduce pain.


    The seat uses alternate rapid-tapping strokes along the spine to give a pleasant low to medium intensity massage.

    The percussion massage is used to target specific trouble spots and relax tense muscles in the back, neck, and shoulders. The iJoy-2310   uses this technique to reduce your fatigue, especially if you are an athlete in need of an energy boost.


    The Human Touch iJoy-2310  uses its rollers to mimic the smooth motion of hands sliding or rolling on the spine to give an intense deep massage. Rolling the muscles compresses your muscles laterally, and stretches them to increase blood circulation to the target areas.

    Zone Massage

    We love the zone massage button feature on the remote control device. You can use it to customize the focus of your massage and direct it to the spots you want it most.

    This, in turn, interrupts the program currently running and focuses the rollers onto the spots in need.

    While it is not possible to adjust the intensity of a massage on this model, we like it that you can redirect the focus of a massage on cue. Once you press the button once more, the Zone Massage Mode undergoes deactivation.

    Removable Softening Pad

    Another great feature of the iJoy-2310 is its removable softening pad used to create a soft barrier between your body and the seat’s rollers to adjust the pressure of the massage.

    This feature is a thoughtful addition for the elderly, or wounded as the seat itself has no other mechanism to reduce the intensity of a massage.

    The pad also enhances backrest’s comfort, and you can quickly add or remove it using a horizontal zipper on the backrest’s edge. It is not the most elegant of applications, but it works like a charm.

    What we like

    • Inbuilt cup holder for your drinks
    • Wheels for mobility, as it’s a bit heavy
    • Power recline button reclines up to 160 degrees

    What we do not like

    • Has a height limit of 6’0”
    • No heat feature
    • The seat is too low, close to the floor

    You should check out the Human Touch iJoy-2310 Robotic Massage Chair on Amazon to see the latest prices and also see our other reviews of how it compares with alternatives in the same price range. We always recommend ordering from Amazon.com as they provide fast shipping and excellent customer service. You can find it through this link:
    check price and availability here

  • Human Touch HT-5040 Massage Chair Review

    Human Touch HT-5040 Massage Chair ReviewThis time we will take a look at the Human Touch HT 5040 Massage Chair. This seat is the kind of seat you fall for at first sight. We love its blend of function and aesthetics to give you an item that blends in seamlessly with your décor. It is the original man-seat. The seat you sit on when you need a massage, need to work or just to Netflix and chill.

    This excellent seat has won the ADEX Award for excellence in architecture and design and the World Federation of Chiropractic, a group of over 100,000 chiropractors endorses it.

    It not only melts away your pain and sorrows through an excellent massage but will give you no need to keep swapping chairs for different functions. All you need is the HT-5040 as it blends in and does not stand out like a sore thumb.

    Let’s jump right in and learn more about what makes the HT-5040 such a great buy.

     Foot-and-Calf Massager

    Well, while these feet were made for walking, they really could do with a bit of TLC, and that’s why we love the Deep-Well Foot Calf Massager feature on this seat.

    This patented technology from Human Touch uses air compression to give your feet a kneading massage that is out of this world.  Heat, for better blood circulation and relief for overworked muscles, tendons, and fascia is included.

     Full-Body Stretching

    With its root in Yoga, the full body stretching function works by incorporating the foot and calf massage well which holds your legs gently as the HT-5040 slowly dips at an angle.  This serves to pump blood flow to the spinal column, refreshing your back.

    Neck Massage

    Your back and neck pain are a product stress due to the hunched body position you naturally assume when you are stressed out. Raising your shoulders and arching forward, strains the neck muscles that originate from the skull’s base and end up in the broader arm area or the spinal cord.

    The HT-5040 has a perfect feature that purveys explicitly to your neck region, giving deep and intense massages that rejuvenate you. This feature is accessible under the comfort head pillow.

    3 Refreshing Auto-Massage Programs

    Studies on the benefits of massage have clinically proven that this therapy is capable of relieving pain and stress if correctly done.

    A massage is also fantastic because it nurtures pleasant feelings of comfort and connection that dramatically uplifts our emotional well being.

    We love the seat’s fantastic three auto-massage 15-minute length programs, which are aptly named, Refresh, Release and Relieve.

    The HT-5040 rollers simulate the arm’s natural movements and offer a massage stroke, 27 inches in length to cover your complete back area, which is what the Refresh program focuses on.

    The Relieve program takes away the tension you have gained through daily physical strain or that tense office meeting by squeezing away the pressure from your neck and shoulders.

    After a grueling day’s work, Release will indeed release the pain and strain of your lower back by deeply massaging out the muscular tension.

    5 Manual Massage Techniques

    With its four rollers and three motors that are made to soothe your body, this seat is capable of 5 professional massage therapies.

    We love that that this seat makes it possible to pick between deep and relaxed intensity with the easy to use remote control device.

    Percussion taps on the spinal column, while kneading performs light circular strokes on the spine’s sides. This technique is great for smoothing out the ‘knots’ on your back alleviating the sore spots.

    Rolling involves top to bottom movement on the spine, which is fantastic for releasing of tension, while compression, mostly used in sports medicine, uses a mixture of strokes and rocking motion to massage the spine.

    The final technique is a combination of both kneading and percussion.

    Luxurious Faux Leather Vinyl

    You will love the official formal look on this seat as it does not present itself as a robotic massage seat. We love this aspect of this seat because we can place it anywhere, we wish with no cringe factor regarding décor issues.

    The colors, especially the espresso are vibrant and the soft and uses leather like SofSuede.  That and the metallic paint accents are part of the reason why this seat won the platinum design award with ADEX.

    It also has a 60-degree swivel base, allowing you to enjoy your massage at a comfortable angle. Its stitch work and tailoring is to die for.

    What we like:

    • Little to no assembly required. Just Velcro the cushions and you are good to go.
    • Rotate the ottoman housing the calf massagers and turn it into a regular leg rest
    • Full-Body Stretching

    What we do not like

    • Its massage misses the buttock areas
    • Does not work well for those above 5’7” as leg rest measures 6-8”

    If you are considering the Human Touch HT-5040, you can usually find the best price on Amazon through this link:
    check price and availability here

  • BestMassage EC-69 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed Review

    BestMassage EC-69 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed ReviewThe BM-EC-69 is more affordable than its sister the EC06C and reasons are that it has four less manual massage modes than its sister seat which has eight manual massage modes. This is a Shiatsu massage therapy seat that soothes any aches and pains your body may be experiencing.

    While this seat is quite simple concerning features, it’s highly regarded in the market due to the high level of massages it gives. With it, you have no more need of a professional masseuse.

    As a package, it comes with several features, which are quite interesting.

    Massage Chair and Recliner Bed

    This is the one massage seat on our list that we can comfortably refer to as part lounge recliner. We love this aspect of the BM-EC69, and if you are looking for a massage seat that you can lie on, then this is the seat for you.

    The BestMassage EC-69 elegant design can also fit in your home or office to provide both décor and therapy whenever you are in need. We love its three color variants that include black, brown and burgundy, and it’s soft, pleasant to touch fabricating material.

    4 Effective Massage Therapies

    The BM-EC-69 is geared more to therapy than to relaxation, so it’s not as comforting as other massage seats. This massage seat is designed to give your body an intense workout and to remove the knots and kinks, especially for those with lower back pain.

    We love that this massage seat too can target trouble spots in your neck, shoulders, lower limbs and gluteal area.

    Its main manual massage techniques are as below;


    In kneading pressure is applied on your muscles to break down and realign collagen fibers to increase muscular flexibility. The friction during the massage raises the skin’s temperature causing vasodilatation that increases the flow of blood to the area, to nurture the healing of cells.

    It feels great to sit on the EC-69 after a heavy work out or a long day at work and get your knots and pain sorted out.


    Why rolling you ask? Well, the rolling technique is known to improve lymphatic flow, decrease swelling and pain and improve your nerve functions and mobility where there is an injury.

    Rolling works by pulling the skin away from underlying ‘sticky’ or unhealthy fascia, which causes a wide range of health issues that impede on your daily activities.

    The EC-69’s rollers move up and down like a fixed-point revolving finger pressing your pressure points to bring instant pain relief and a feeling of well being.

    Percussion and compression

    This Shiatsu technique is an excellent complement to the back massage.  If you are immobile from muscular injuries, especially in sports, this massage will improve your leg posture and the mobility of the injured area.

    Tapping and flapping action

    In tapping, the EC-69 imitates the hand motion of rapid tapping on your back, to reduce aches from tired out muscles groups and to soften the subcutaneous fat storage.

    In flapping it reduces aches and pains, stimulates nerves, blood circulation and leaves your skin supple.

    This two motions work great for sore and stiff muscles and reduce stress levels. The seat works on your nerves, to relax your shoulders and back.

    Adjusts To Height

    We love that this massage seat allows the user to change the shoulder height to ensure that people 6’2” tall can a get a full massage from neck to lower back on it. This is not common in most massage seats, and we laud this feature.

    Vibrating Effect

    The EC-69 has vibrators that zap your muscular stress and dilate your blood vessels to increase oxygen flow to your muscles. They are placed strategically on the seat, to direct the vibration equally to your whole body.

    The vibrators soften fatty deposits on your skin to eliminate toxic substances and leave you feeling rejuvenated.


    Japanese Shiatsu is a deep, intense massage that employs finger pressure stretching and joint manipulation to treat your body holistically.

    Shiatsu aids in treating muscle pain, migraines, chronic pain, stress and PSTD, insomnia, low back and joint pain, amongst many other ailments.

    The EC-69 employs its power rollers to apply shiatsu therapy all over your body and rejuvenate your body.

    Remote control

    We love its simple remote control feature that keeps you in control of the speed and the intensity of the massage levels you choose. Clicking on the ‘auto’ allows you to enjoy a soothing combination of the various massage modules available.

    What we like

    • High-quality massages
    • Very affordable
    • Attractively made

    What we do not like

    • Heavy to move around
    • Not as durable as most other seats

    Basically, this is a great valued chair that is quite sturdy and should last for many years. Since the design is simple, without too many fancy features of the more expensive models, it does a lot of the same things with a simpler design and at a lower cost. Definitely worth considering for those who want a quality low-priced massage recliner.

    Check price and availability here

  • BestMassage BM-EC06C Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

    BestMassage BM-EC06CThe BestMassage BM-EC06C is another affordable seat with great features and comes loaded with massage functions for whole body therapy.

    But what are these features exactly? Let’s take a closer look.

    Tsubo Point Massage

    In traditional oriental medicine, a Tsubo point is an area of your body that may get agitated or produce pain when manipulated. They are also known as pressure, acupressure or meridian points.

    The EC-06C has Tsubo point massagers in your neck area, and indeed over your whole body that massage you intensely to provide instant relief. Tsubo points are believed to release lousy qi when pressed down and heal problems such as muscle and abdominal discomfort.

    We love that the Tsubo point massagers on the BM-EC-06C, conform to the contour of your neck to give you that top-notch massage.

    Heat Therapy

    Application of heat in massage enhances blood vessel dilation, improving enzyme function and metabolism. In effect, this leads to lactic acid, subcutaneous fat, free fatty acids and uric acid excretion from your muscle cells.

    The BM-EC06C has an excellent heat module that targets your lower back, waist area and the soles of your feet with heat therapy. This kind of treatment minimizes aging signs and fatigue, by imitating analgesics.

    Heat therapy is proven to relieve shoulder, musculoskeletal pain and back pain, by providing relaxation to the autonomic nervous system.

    With this massage seat, the heating module will surround you with support and comfort to relax you emotionally during your massage.

    Although we appreciate the heat function, we wish it’d be possible to turn it on a specific area, instead of having heat in all the areas at once as the massage seat is designed to do.

    Intelligent Massage Rollers

    We love the massage rollers on this massage seat, as they are designed to conform to your body’s contour, especially in the spine area. Its rollers work in conjunction with the heating module to create the perfect Heat Intelligent Roller system on this Shiatsu massage seat.

    The stand out feature of the rollers is that they cover an extensive area of your back, from your neck to the tailbone. They use the rolling massage motion that involves an up and down action on your muscles, to supply a direct and intense massage experience. The seat also uses some aspects of the kneading technique to work out your knots and muscular pain.

    There’s nothing like these power rollers to reduce fatigue, rejuvenate your whole body at the end of the body.

    4 Auto Programs

    This is by far the most extensive feature this Shiatsu massage seat is endowed with, guaranteed to refresh you and rejuvenate you after a long day’s work.

    We love the four auto massage presets designed to target specific muscles in your body named as Recovery, Extend, Relax, and Refresh program. They are customizable and can be combined to give the ultimate massage.

    To enable the EC06C to achieve this function flawlessly, it has over 30 airbags for its compression air system and another 20 of these bags placed at the lower end of the seats for your lower limbs and gluteus area.

    The EC06C combines air compression massages with kneading massages, for the thighs, calves, and buttocks to promote blood flow and reducing fatigue.

     8 Manual Modes

    This seat employs eight manual massage techniques, which you can mix and match for the ultimate massage experience.

    These include;


    Relies on this seat’s perfect Heat Intelligent Roller system, that moves up and down your entire back to give an intense deep massage. Rolling the muscles compresses them laterally while stretching them to increase blood circulation to the target areas.

    The BM-EC06C combines the rollers with the Tsubo massage heads to target the neck area’s pressure points.

    Chop Action Tapping

    This almost sounds like the  BestMassage EC06C  is out to Karate chop you but its great for relaxing stiff and sore muscles. The seat imitates the hand motion of rapid taps on your back, to remove aches from tired out muscles groups and soften the subcutaneous fat storage.


    This technique is used in Shiatsu to form a temporary blockage of blood supply to an area so that when the obstruction is eventually released, the resurgence of blood will increase oxygen supply, wash away toxic waste substances, and nurture healing of cells.

    The increase in blood flow is referred to as hyperemia and is used to target muscles below the skin and the lower limbs, to rejuvenate the areas and reduce pain.


    It employs soft blows over target areas to relax tense muscles in the back, neck, and shoulders. It is a pleasant low to medium intensity massage.

    Through the use of a body scan in the massage seat, this technique will reduce your fatigue, especially if you are an athlete, giving you an energy boost.


    Once enjoyed in 30’s to the 60’s as lab flapping belts, this technique is oriental in origin, and it reduces aches and pains, stimulates nerves, blood circulation and leaves your skin supple.


    A high-intensity massage option, that employs circular motions on both of your spine’s sides, to lift, stretch and loosen the tense muscles therein.

    It is excellent for those muscles that take the brunt of everyday physical stress like your neck and shoulders and back.


    This is the technique that makes this massage seat, a Shiatsu massage seat. With its origins in traditional Japanese therapy, this high-intensity massage focuses on the unblocking of the flow of qi through the meridian points.

    It employs the power rollers to stimulate the muscles and revitalize the mind deeply.


    This manual mode dilates the blood vessels and helps push out toxins from your muscles, and skin, to create a healing environment in your body.

    What we like

    • Air pressure massage
    • Auto-raise and recline of the backrest and ottoman.
    • Your very own Shiatsu massage therapist in your home

    What we do not like

      • A bit on the heavy side and not easy to move around
      • No zero gravity position

    Final words

    If you’re looking for a massage chair that is reasonable in price and gives great value for the price, then consider the BM-EC06C. Here you get a full-functioning recliner with air pressure massage and shiatsu, with some nice features and a good build quality and solid materials that will most likely last for many years to come.

    Check Price and availability here

The Benefits of a Massage

  • accelerates recovery
  • alleviates pain
  • relaxes and lowers heart rate
  • increases flexibility of your muscles
  • improves blood circulation
  • promotes better sleep

We hope this guide was useful and that our articles and reviews can help you learn about this technology and help you to choose the correct massager for your needs, so that you can enjoy the pleasure and benefits of massagers as much as we have.

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